Is faction war PVP profitable?

I’m done with SOE epic arc so I don’t know what to do. Ran through a few exploration sites in something called “wormholes”, and sold some weird loot. Took me 1 hour and almost got lost in a wormhole that leads to another that leads to another. So dangerous, I was so scared.

So I figured out now might be the time to make some money with a reliable and stable source. I heard many people say PVP actually makes money? especially with faction war. So how do I exactly make money by fighting other people? bounty? I don’t see a exact info about it in game.

Also if I fly a frigate like this and kite at the range of 49 km, is it safe to say I won’t lose my ship?

Thx everyone plz help me, just a confused guy trying to earn some money. (saving up for a ship called drake or something, looks very cool)

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Yes they are

Other than ganking or other niche pvp activities you probably won’t be making ISK in Faction Warfare. I think the best place to start is understanding the basics of cost effective or self-sustaining pvp and for that I’ll refer you to John Dreez from Honorable Third Party.

Eve-Uni Lecture




Good luck!

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You could be making hundreds of mil of isk. It’s about when you sell it tho.

OP is asking about PvP not krabing plexes. You wont make bank just from frigate PvP in fw. yes, you can make isk doing FW content but not really from fights itself.

Well I didn’t read what he wrote but Ty.

You’re gonna be needing more than 1 ship, about 10 ships and propably more.

The Faction Warfare Information page at Eve University is mostly up to date.

As others have said, you will lose ships. You kind of have to be okay with that. That’s a 2M isk ship, which means that you’ll make enough to buy 5 of them by completing one Novice plex.

Fw PvP is verly lucerative. You can plex your account in 2 days.

Also best way to learing pvp

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If you want to make money from PVP, ganking miners and explorers outside of highsec is probably better than faction warfare. It’s not the best isk though.

wow thats amazing ok

!!! okay if it worth the investment of all my money I will do it

amazing, so thats like 10M a single complex? and it only takes 20 minutes to capture one? very cool

well I will give it a try, fw seems very interesting. Which faction should I enlist in? because right now I only see caldari recruiting stations? is it because I am caldari so I can only fight for the state?

PVP makes money? Merc stuff might, but the death of Hisec wardecs has dampened that a bit. PVP is fun. That’s why most folks play the game, even many care bears (“Some day, when I’m rich enough, I’ll go fight for fun…gotta earn ISK…”).

Maybe PVP in Eve is similar to poker. If you’re afraid to lose money it warps your ability to play poker. If you’re afraid to lose your ship, then it hampers your options in PVP.

“Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!”

Go for whichever faction has the highest LP rewards. You might want to save some of it when the LP is harder to get.
Then you’ll be getting more risk out of them.

I thought they all pay equally? Like I see the pricing in their LP stores are the same. But since I am caldari I think I should save LP to buy a hookbill. Although caracal navy issue also looks nice. If I grind for a few months I can fly a drake navy issue.

ahh I see, gonna bet all my money into pvp then.

If you wanna make the most out of it.
Then I suggest not throwing all your isk away.
Make another account for exploration.
And just sell the LP straight away after the the price increases.