PvP Income sources

Are there any decent sources of income that are PvP oriented left? FW is mostly frig 1v1s which gets boring quickly since there’s literally no risk due to low cost and barely any reward. I guess I could always join an FW corp and run the large complexes in a BC? Any info would be appreciated, otherwise i’m just going to end up doing LS gatecamps, small gang roams or suicide ganks in jita for kicks. TIA

I don’t think Lowsec gatecamps are a thing anymore. People use jumpfreighters now.

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eh, that sucks. Might just do some leopard smartbombing or join a HS nado/catalyst ganking fleet then, especially with the 100% drop rate event coming up soon. Jita is the most dangerous place at the moment, which is kinda meh but I guess I’ve just gotta deal with it being the most lucrative source of pvp at the moment.

There is still a lot of action on the highsec trade-routes. They can’t use cynos, so haulers have to jump through gates the old fashioned way.

Yeah. The jita-perimeter gate and Jita 4-4 seem to be decent places to setup. At the same time though, to effectively gank most people just multibox alpha clones in catalysts/nados to avoid paying for omega on multiple accounts, and I don’t really fancy tanking the 0.3%-1% chance of getting ip banned and having to VPN forever. Iunno, I guess i’ll just have a think about what to do.

People claim suicide ganking is super easy and makes tons of ISK every single day!
So they say! They’re idiots, but hey! :smiley:

Spotted yet another lying hater.

Lying hater? Really?

And you claim otherwise giving no proof. Only shouting.

No arguments = personal attack.

Look at killboards.
Look for haulers carrying hundreds of millions.
Write down the times and count them.
Do the math yourself.

OR … even better … actually try it and learn how it actually works
instead of continuously talking out of your rear ends.

But… that’s what this forum post is for? I’m looking into getting into hauler ganking as a possible source of pvp…

Sure. When it comes to sitting at gates ganking for profits,
then that’s awesome and you’re absolutely welcome to try,
but be sure that you’re ready for sitting at gates for hours,
scanning dozens of ships with an alt one or two jumps away,
without getting anything at all.

That’s the reality of the situation.

Plus you need either at least a friend or an alt,
otherwise you’ll not be able to loot your target.

Most gate gankers I’ve seen use two Vexors,
with a scanning frigate one or two jumps out,
plus a seperate char for looting.

Reality is that suicide ganking isn’t really an ISK-worthwhile activity. Not that I want to discourage you from trying, but if your goal is making money then I can only suggest scratching that one from your list.

You have other options.
I am assuming you actually know what you’re doing
AND i’m assuming you’re doing it from tomorrows DownTime until 6th of November’s DT.

Suspect baiting people in missions is one of them. You steal their loot and or shoot their MTU and hope they engage you. Remember to honour your ransoms … in case you ransom … otherwise you’ll have one less future customer plus you’re ruining the profession for everyone else, too.

Suicide gank miners. Due to next week having 100% loot drops, you can gank miners (who aren’t hiding in Skiffs or Procs) and grab the ore with a hauler. Make sure their holds contain enough ore, though. : - )

You can suicide gank a properly fitted active tank tengu with two Tornados, iirc.
They don’t have a lot of buffer, it’s all in the active tank.

Roam around highsec looking for afk ships with potential bling. Ship/Cargoscanner required. Learn how they work before you use them. Remember that your ship needs to withstand sentry turrets when it’s at a gate and the job needs to be done before CONCORD shows up so google for CONCORD response times.

Head to Invasion space and steal loot from NPC wrecks. That can be quite dangerous thanks to the people who don’t want you to steal their stuff, but apparently it’s also quite lucrative. You’ll probably gain tons of experience with this and remember to always spam warp to save your pod when your ship is about to explode. Also remember to actually select a celestial on the overview when you spam warp, otherwise you’re ■■■■■■. : - )

What else is there …

Prey on gate campers in lowsec. Sometimes they leave ■■■■ behind you can grab when they’ve warped off. Did so myself just recently, where @Miss_Missile (the one name i remember) and company ran a pretty nice camp. They’ve left behind some loot worth 40 million ISK.

Steal from gate campers in lowsec while they’re fighting. When they have several opponents to deal with and a ship explodes, it’s worth taking your chances by trying stealing the contents of that ship’s wreck.


Ganking explorers outside of high sec is somewhat decent isk. You can either camp exploration sites in a cloaky ship, or run them yourself and gank any explorer you happen to find. Explorers are pretty easy to kill.

For high sec ganking, you can also try ganking burner frigates. They tend to be blingy AF. I ganked them in a Retribution as most have EM holes. You’ll need to study the different burner missions and identify the ones that don’t shoot EM damage. I had to use a second account to combat probe the burner frigates and loot them. My method was:

  1. camp a 0.5 system and spawn Concord somewhere with my ganker. This will give me maximum time to kill a burner frigate.
  2. use an alt account to combat probe burner frigates. They’ll usually be assault frigates. I used a cloaky Astero for this.
  3. once probed, I warp my ganker to the burner mission and gank the burner frigate. I found the Retribution to be the best as alot of burner frigates have EM holes. The Retribution will die to either the rat or Concord.
  4. warp in the cloaked Astero to the burner mission and loot the wreck(s). If you get decloaked by the warp-in beacon, quickly warp out and try again. The burner rat is DANGEROUS. But if you succeed getting into the mission cloaked, then slowly boat to the wreck, decloak, loot and GTFO.
  5. sit back and laugh as local lights up with rape threats against your mother, wishes for you to get cancer etc.

High sec farmers run burner missions 24/7, so there’s no shortage of targets.

I thought those burner missions were over in a few minutes - I never thought you would have time to scan them down in time. I also didn’t know that they were so popular.

^ They are very quick to run. You only have 1-2 minutes to probe them down. That’s why I only camp one system, so I can quickly identify and probe burner mission runners just as they start.