How does PVP make money?

Hey all,
Dumb question but how does PVP make money. I am looking into more PVP (small scale Dessie and frig etc)
but I don’t know how people make money from it.
I blow up a ship and I collect the stuff dropped, But its never worth that much, Do people just sell the stuff from the ships?

Dumb I know, but I wanted to figure more of that stuff. :slight_smile:

PVP is where you spend your ISK to have fun. Occasionally you loot decent stuff but most of the times it is not a steady source of income.

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Yeah I figured, I made isk doing other things before, but I know some people who all they seem to do is PVP, I just am prob not seeing other stuff

A lot of PVP players secretly have krabbing alts somewhere in null. Others pay for ISK with RL money by buying PLEX.

There is some money to be made by killing and looting other playres, but not enough to pay for a proper PVP play style. Not unless you’re only hunting bots, or something. (Is that PVP tho? I mean, it’s player vs bot, which is essentially just a different kind of rat AI xD)

You can find a documetary here on how to make ISK with PvP.

I make money by taking down low power structures. Sometimes you end up getting people trying to stop you which also makes you isk. Good isk with the right drops.

Or they pay you to go away.


You will never get rich from pvp, unless you’re exceptionally lucky or into some of the more niche forms of it (supercapital hunting/whaling for example)

But you can break even pretty reliably, especially in modern eve. Here’s how I do it. Fly the most cost effective that you can. Don’t bling needlessly. Loot EVERYTHING you kill and use the asset safety trick (external deposit in hostile citadel > asset safety from assets window) to get it to lowsec safely. Once every month or so, or whenever you need isk, run around all the lowsec stations and pull everything out of asset safety, then either haul it to jita yourself or get it JFd in if there’s a large amount.

You can actually make a profit off of roaming between insurance and loot pretty easily, but like I said, it’s probably not gonna make you rich.

Best of luck.

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You can make money from PvP, but you have to be somewhat of a ruthless opportunist. It is very do-able. Not from “goodfights” though. You have to play to win. You won’t get as rich as committed carebears but you can make enough to replace your losses pretty easily, assuming you aren’t throwing expensive ships away every day.

I’m actually working on a how-to article on my blog for this exact subject today. I’ll post a link when I publish it, maybe tomorrow or the next day.


It’ possible to make a profit off pvp, in general you want to be able to fly a cheap ship well enough that you can take out expensive ships, or ships carrying expensive cargo.

May can be made in pvp from:

  • Hunting ratters and explorers in low, null and WH
  • Suicide ganking in high sec (haulers, miners, site runners)
  • Mercenary work (bashing or defending structures for a fee)
  • Abyssal pvp (killing people in the pvp bonus room of tier 3 or higher abyssal sites)
  • Abyssal ransoms (taking a cheap ship into the pvp bonus room, that a typical ratter cannot kill due to, for example your speed, then demanding a ransom or letting the timer running out killing both of you)

and various other methods.

Depends how you approach your pvp. If you lose a lot of ships yoloing around then you are not going to make money. Oth, if you are not looking so much for “gud fights” but that to gank ships for fun and profit you can make serious isk. There are plenty of groups that target haulers, capitals, and blingy mission runners for profit, and do quite well.

Damn thats smart.

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Ganking in highsec is not really pvp though. In other places baits can make ganking fun, but haulers and mission runners are for profit only, not for fun.
But yes, hs ganking is profitable, I guess everyone knows that.

It is absolutely PvP. Maybe it is a genre of PvP which does not appeal to you personally, and that’s fine. But it is PvP and lots of people enjoy it.

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First off, everybody’s definition of pvp is different. As far as I am concerned, highsec ganking is pvp, but that is not how I was using the term. For me, ganking is anytime the target is gangbanged with no chance of a response. So when you kill a jump freighter in lowsec, it is certainly a gank as well as being highly profitable. As they say in eve, if your target has a chance you did it wrong. Whether pvp is profitable depends how you approach it. For instance, for me, lowsec pvp has been highly profitable even where I lose the occasional capital - and that’s all because we choose our targets with care and thus rarely lose ships. This playstyle is not for everyone, but there can be no doubt that pvp can be just as profitable as anything else in Eve.

Finally posted that update. Hope this helps.



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