If PVP, how often do you loose a ship?

I plan to play small gang PVP or some faction war later, just want to know how often I will loose my ship if I play in PVP, if I fly a frigate. thanks.

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Simple answer.

Expect to lose your ship, everytime you undock it for PvP.
If it returns safely, you are already in the bonus area for that ship.

It is a very hard one to answer exactly

  • How big is the gang
  • How experienced is the FC
  • How good of a group is it - As in: Fits, knowledge of the game, following and understanding FC orders, etc.
  • What will you be fighting
  • Where will you be fighting

so its guarantee if I fight hard, the ship won’t last for a few fights? if so, how do players that frequently PVP earn ISK to compensate the loss? I know mission running at high levels can get some ISK and mining is a stable source of income. Or I am wrong and people dont PVP all the time like I thought?

The more you PvP, the more experienced you get the less you will lose ships.

And yeah, there are many ways to fund PvP. Basically anything that gets you ISK, can be used to fund PvP

Mining, missions, exploration, trading, just to name a few.

Hell, if you can, you can even just occasionally spent some money on PLEX and sell those for ISK.

There are plenty of people who PvP (almost) all the time, they just have a way to keep their wallets good enough to fund it.

If you can make 100 mil/hour somehow and you lose 90 mil worth of ships on average every hour, your still ISK positive.

Every ship that I undock is already written off. It is a loss and will die in a glorious fire. Getting killmarks and stuff is all bonuses for me. The Flying Dead

IF you undock and expect to come back with your ship, you’re doing it wrong.

Sometimes it happened to me and I just drop the ship in a station, to self destruct.

This is idiotic.

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I tax the miners in order to fund the navy which protects them.

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you will lose your ship every time
if you dont loose your ship yet keep playing until you loose
dont worry , you will make a looooot of money to refund your losses and you don’t need any daddy corp to do it

The simple answer is thart you will lose ships ALOT, probably every session you do PvP.

This means that you must find a way to replace them which can either be through your own activities or by joining a Corp with a SRP (ship replacement program).

A variety of ways. Reactions, industry, market are a big thing. Ratting, mining are good for making ends meet while waiting for stuff to sell, but for what I fly, not always enough on my own.

It’s impossible to PVP all the time. There will always be down time. Might as well use that time to make some money. And it’s good to set up multiple income streams.

should strive to lose every single ship you own because each will be a learning experience

Protect them from you?

no its not
its called FW kido

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I PvP in fleets, initially in lowsec and more recently in null. I expect to lose a ship most times we roam, but I’m happy if I’ve assisted in killing much more valuable targets than my little frigate or whatever - it’s the fight I enjoy, and my combat being isk-positive at the end of the roam is the icing on the cake. I pay for it with boring-old WH PI, mainly.

I live mainly in Low-Sec (Black Rise) when my corp isn’t on a deployment. I am very familiar with FW. It’s not constant PVP. Anyone claiming otherwise is simply speaking untruth.

you mean that wen the enemy is not present ? dude stop spreading lies , you have 7 kills …

btw i have a friend like you , you have trillions in kills those 7 solo kills ere probably in fleet to , so stfu , go get your SRP and don’t talk about FW ever again ok

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i lose mine every 15 min :frowning: makes me sad


i get sad to
remember that only your ego gets hurt
keep fighting

OP, your question is impossible to answer, because EVE is an open-ended game. It’s not like you’re queuing for “PvP matches” (although with the new arenas, lol…) every 15 minutes, and can calculate your average lifespan based on your win/loss ratio.

There are two distinct ways to approach PvP in EVE:

  1. You PvP “for fun” by your own choice, which means that you have to “fund” the PvP with some kind of income stream, since your PvP is expected to be a net loss.
  2. You PvP with some kind of profit motive in mind, either by pirating/ransoming targets, fighting as a mercenary, taking POCOs by force, et cetera. In this case, your PvP efforts should result in a net profit, on average, but do keep in mind that in order to pull this off, you will beed a lot of skill and planning.

As a new player, your PvP activities will most likely lean toward the first way, since you will be going through the learning process.

Instead of thinking about losses in purely terms of how often they happen, what you should do is calculate the profits from your income streams, and calculate how much you can lose every day from PvP activities. If you have 10 million ISK to play with, and each of the PvP ops you participate in lasts an hour, then you can take part in said PvP ops for 5 hours using 2-million-ISK frigate setups.