If PVP, how often do you loose a ship?

OP, your question is impossible to answer, because EVE is an open-ended game. It’s not like you’re queuing for “PvP matches” (although with the new arenas, lol…) every 15 minutes, and can calculate your average lifespan based on your win/loss ratio.

There are two distinct ways to approach PvP in EVE:

  1. You PvP “for fun” by your own choice, which means that you have to “fund” the PvP with some kind of income stream, since your PvP is expected to be a net loss.
  2. You PvP with some kind of profit motive in mind, either by pirating/ransoming targets, fighting as a mercenary, taking POCOs by force, et cetera. In this case, your PvP efforts should result in a net profit, on average, but do keep in mind that in order to pull this off, you will beed a lot of skill and planning.

As a new player, your PvP activities will most likely lean toward the first way, since you will be going through the learning process.

Instead of thinking about losses in purely terms of how often they happen, what you should do is calculate the profits from your income streams, and calculate how much you can lose every day from PvP activities. If you have 10 million ISK to play with, and each of the PvP ops you participate in lasts an hour, then you can take part in said PvP ops for 5 hours using 2-million-ISK frigate setups.

Don’t name your ships. It’s like naming your sword.

Every time.

In faction warfare you can lose several a day. In some places fighting is intense and you instantly reship and go out to die again. Always fly cheap until you find your feet.

If you are in faction warfare you earn LP by killing war targets or whilst capturing sites and waiting for a fight to show up.

It’s about the only activity that is 100% efficient whilst fully PvP fit.


ty so much , is a breath of fresh air to listen to someone speaking the truth

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If you are like the vast majority of EvE players, a lot.

Might go something like this:


seems legit

so at most I spend 5M to fit my punisher, and every time I go to a faction war site, if I kill another target(an enemy frigate), combined with his loot and the loyalty points, I need to make more than 5M or else I am loosing ISK. is it possible to get that much just from doing these things?

Right now, your payout will be in terms of learning crucial PvP skills and tactics. It’s like going to college - you spend money in order to gain knowledge.

Then, in the future, you might actually be able to PvP with a profit motive in mind.

I loose to many ships if I get involved with PVP at all…
At this juncture I have come to suspect that wide spread large losses just increase CCP and there new partners more real world profits.

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That is the very poor analogy … At least you get something from college.


Not everybody … points at self.

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well, guess not much I can do to save my ships. I better get out there and fight. knowing that if I kill someone, I would get the money back is reassuring. hope the best for me then. thanks.

When I first started FW, years ago, I bought 100 cheap (1-2 mil isk) frigates. I think I burnt through nearly all of them before I got my first kill.

With time you learn though, and you will be able to risk flying more expensive stuff (giving you more chances at killing stuff) without getting blown up.

I think the idea is that players can learn from losing ships. Spend ISK, get knowledge.

If I were to get into 1v1 fights (which I have almost zero experience in) I would expect my first fights to teach me a lot, not that I will end ISK positive.

Capturing one novices site will do that, even on tier one. Which will probably take your punisher 15-20 mins tops.


Edit- i should specify the site should be in an enemy system (offensive plexing).

okay, thanks, faction war seems pretty simple now. I should make some money.

If you return in your ship, its not real PvP

but I dont do kamikaze either.

Ships are ammo.

Return to base when dry.