Anyone have a link to or know the mechanics of being attacked in enemy empire high sec when you're in a militia?

Perhaps the most fun I’ve had in FW thus far was when Paddington and friends were trying to kill people outside of Amarr. Unfortunately, I’ve had to quit FW because I’m a single box guy and the ISK cost of ships and mods that I was constantly losing was too much for me based upon the time and level of attention I had to put into making more ISK.

I’ve possibly found a solution for my ISK costs by moving into an obscure wormhole, where I probably get attacked less often despite it not being in high sec, so I’ve been thinking about rejoining FW after I make some more ISK. But it’s a long journey to go from W-space to a random system to FW systems. I would probably find myself flying through enemy high sec regularly. If I’m going to do that, I might as well consider trying to blap anyone I run into on my way, but I don’t really know what that’s going to require in terms of skills and ships.

So if anyone has this information available and can provide it or link it that’d be appreciated as I’d rather not test it out with ships getting destroyed through trial and error if possible. Thanks a bunch.

~The Count

Well, most successful PvP players found out by trial and error … the only way you can get a feeling of what works and what not. It’s only to a smaller extend the ship/fit you are flying, more important are situational awareness and mastering the micromanagement of your ship and the fight.

Best inspiration for learning ships/fits are the killboards of the war systems.

Personally I found my style in flying cheap, and don‘t be afraid of loss, I just take on anything I calculate a realistic chance of winning. The rewards are, the occasional good fights, sometimes winning against the odds, and surprising loot drops. If I lose my ship, I get a new one and out again hunting.


Thanks man, that’s a good idea on the zkill board. It’ll probably help me figure at least some things out if no one has written it down anywhere.

Even if you have just single account, you still have 2 character slots. And those characters doesn’t have to be in militia.

So you can use that slot and make a farming character which won’t be attacked on sight by enemy militia members.

As to your title question, the mechanics are same like in any other war - you can legally shoot and even pod member of enemy militia and they can do it to you too.

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