Wanting to get into PVP roaming null sec looking for wanted pirates

So I’m pretty new to PVP, I don’t really know good fits or ships, so I need to know what’s the best destroyer for both Caldari and Gallente to start roaming low sec looking for criminals to gank.

What’s the best modules to fit, best tanking, best weapons drones, best rigs. Probably be soloing this starting out until my corp fills up, then we can fleet up together to take out tougher targets.

Anyways, thanks in advance.

So you want to be a brave honorable knight on a white … corax?

Eve PVP is complex and if your long term plan is to kill pirates in low sec, I suggest you get some hands on training from some FW corporation that is good, but accepts new players.

Also, watch a bunch of videos. EveIsEasy is a good channel to watch for some solo PVP.

Good luck.


Cool! Well I run my own corp, so joining a corp is out of the question. But I will check out those videos once I get ready to start PVPing. Corax sounds interesting.

Thank you!

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I have a feeling that you are not going to last very long and I am just wasting my time. But you should also get familiar with an invaluable PVP tool called zkillboard.com. Using that tool you can get a feel for how well ships perform in solo and fleet fights. You can also learn some good fits and see the fits that fail.

I understand that you run your own corp, but you could still join a FW alliance and PVP with the bigger group. Although, tbh if you are all new players, you might not be ready for that - once you join FW you may get ganked even in your friendly high sec.

Make 10 cheap ships and fly around in the “hole” in the donut until they are all gone.

You will know more than a lot of players ever know :slight_smile:

Thank you all for the replies. It might be awhile before I do any PVP. I might join a FW Alliance. What does FW mean exactly? I’m still a noob at Eve, but been playing off and on since 09 on 3 different accounts.

You are do dead if you expect easy kills in null.People tend to gang up on roamers especially solo roamers

Ya bein’ a noob runnin’ ya own corp’s just goin’ to give ya grief at some point, mate.

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