FW mechanics?

(Fluffy Moe) #1

Hi all

I haven’t done any FW for a few years, back when I played I had a seperate toon for it. All frig focused and because of the faction hits resulting from PvP.

Since then I took a long break from the game (really long, also a couple years) and things have changed. I can’t seem to be able to dig up specific info on what I am looking for.

So 1st off, how do faction hits from FW pvp work now ? I know there were some changes and patch(es) for it, specifically, how fast or slow do you take hits now that will result in getting attacked by various factions navies while flying through their space ?

2nd, back in the day most people were in frigs, but now we have destroyers all the way up to T3 available. How viable is it to fly one of those ? Are there any gates that are frigate only ? Or can destroyers go through ? I remember there being restricted gates, if they are still there, do they restrict T3s from entering like some DED sites that for example allow normal and faction cruisers but not T3s ? What are the current mechanics for those and how often would I come across them ?

(Hydrix Bashmu) #2

This should answer all your questions: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Factional_Warfare

(Fluffy Moe) #3

OK, so basically no T3s in FW, but it does not give details regarding the enemy faction hits.

I know there have been some changes to this since last I played, but about how much of a hit do you take and how fast does it deteriorate ? Specifically:

How many ships do you need to kill to deteriorate your enemy empire standing by 1 point ?
How many pilots do you need to pod to deteriorate the respective empire standing by 1 point ?

I remember there being a huge difference between these 2 back in the day as well.

The reason I am asking is that I do not want a whole seperate toon for nothing but FW. Simply can’t afford another sub via plex/isk or $$ and alpha is no fun and far too limiting. So I was thinking about just staying in FW for a couple weeks at a time, then leaving it, and then coming back, kinda back and forth a bit, and work my factions back up a bit when I do so just so I don’t get always tagged by the respective navy NPCs.

I would really like to know before I commit any training ships or any time into this as fully trying it all out in itself is very time consuming and may cause “wasted” skill points etc.