State of FW atm?

returning after 3 years. even then, people were pretty fed up with FW not getting any love.

  • have devs changed anything about FW mechanics?i assume not but thought id ask. at the time, it was kinda sorta becoming caps online, as people could use caps in low sec at will and i remember it ruining a few potentially awesome engagements.
  • how is FW atm overall? gal/cal side. i did about 10 jumps through gal space moving some of my assets, and it seemed pretty dead.


FW still needs love but there is fun to be had if you are dedicated.

No. But they added Citadels and that alone changed FW quite a bit. You can have citadel deep in enemy territory and not care about soverenity any more. Always able to dock / reship etc… I also think that there was a change about usage of warp stabs in plexes. Ships are now unable to activate Factional Warfare capture site acceleration gates if they have a warp core stabilizer fit.

Thanks. Sounds promising.

Unintended changes that came with the stab restriction on the plex gates now means that that system check (which occurs at activation) now makes you targetable. So gate slide is dead.

Nothing else has changed, except for jump drives making plex fighting in a large way more dynamic and fun.

What is/was considered gate sliding?

Still exiting warp, but activating the acceleration gate. Made you immune and able to bypass nasty insta-lock/kill accel gate camps. Like Tornados sitting on a novice (for frigates)

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this is only for complexes? so people cant get inside now without getting locked/pointed?

As far as I know every accel gate was capable of this, but yes this mainly affects complexes.

In some cases the big size campers might need a se-bo’d tackle frigate, like a garmur, but getting past that is alot harder although not completely impossible. Its simply no longer a free pass.

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