Considering to try FW again

I’m looking for new things to do in EVE. I consider to try PvP again. While my last try of FW was kinda bad and ended quick (low game mechanics understanding) I want to try again and want to ask is EWAR good in “solo” frig fights in plexes?

Greetings, if y want a small group (really small) to try fw I can introduce you. Also EWAR don’t work solo anymore, as now you can lock the one that disables you. If you need any kind of help, plz mail me in-game

EWAR does not equal ECM. EWAR, except for ECM, still works perfectly fine for solo.


I’ve semi come back after about 3 year hiatus and thinking of FW again. I still hope it’s got the action that it used to have.

Might have to do some reading on the mechanics though to see what has changed…

If anyones wanting to try FW just shoot a mail to ‘Gian Bal’ - Will get you setup in FW with a decent group of people to fly with and any help you could need with getting back to kicking ass.

This is not a corporation recruitment part of forum. I’m not looking for group or “friends” and as far I know ECM is not only possible EWAR in game.

Still waiting for replays that are actually on topic.

I have checked it out a little after coming back from my own haitus. It seems to have slowed down a lot. I still didn’t have any trouble finding fights though, it is still a place people go looking for goodfights. You don’t see as many T1 frigs as you used to. Lots of faction frigates.

EWAR as in Target painters, ECM, Sensor damp and tracking disruptors??

Do you include Energy warfare like Neut/Nos in there as well?

When I used to do solo FW I would often have various EWAR on my frig fits as it is what would often given me an advantage over my targets who were mainly spank and tank fitted.
eg. TD, ASB slashers/kestrels etc. or TD/Sensor damp kite condors or such.
TBH the only ewar I didn’t use was ECM as it was a bit too niche for my usual activities… so unless they have massively changed ewar (I’ve heard that you can target the ECM’ing ship still now) I don’t see why they wouldn’t work still…

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Yes, any EWAR. Simply looking to find something new, try new experiences and since never used EWAR, thought, fw will be good place for testing.

Yeah using Ewar often allows you to ‘fight up’ when flying frigs etc

I’ve recently come back to Faction Warfare too after a 2 year absence from eve. I have a general question that might be useful to other new players starting up again that I’ll mention here because it has to do with pvp and offensive plexing.

I’m just wondering if there are any countermeasures or strategies one can take to mitigate the risk involved in offensive plexing medium or large sites. I was recently ganked by a combat recon with d-scan invisibility and a small gang, and the more I think about it the less viable it is to run Medium and Large sites, especially when small sites are 2/3rds of the amount of a Medium but the ship costs less than half.

There isn’t a lot you can do to beat combat recons in gangs other than watching local I suppose, but if possible I’d like to do risky medium and large sites for the large LP bonus as I’m running an alpha account (with lots of fitting skills from years ago) and can run T2 module cruisers.

ECM does not work solo anymore… unless you JUST want to make sure they ONLY shoot you.

Right, which is why I said:

You are also aware that obviously

So I’m struggling to find a reason for your response?


T3 destroyers are very cost-effective for running Med and Large plexes. A Hecate or Jackdaw can insta-warp and escape if you get jumped (fit inertia stabs as needed). They have the DPS to kill the navy rats in each plex. You can also fit a burst jammer in a mid-slot in case you’re tackled. It has some chance of breaking the lock of anyone close by, allowing you to warp.

edit: just saw the bit that said that you’re an alpha. T3Ds may be unavailable to you, but the burst jammer should still be an option. You can fit Small Particle Dispersion Augmentor rigs to increase the strength of your burst jammer.

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The navy frigs are capable and alpha friendly. I liked running shitloads of t1 frigs till I started “getting it” though.

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