Is there a place in Eve for a single toon, PvP, team focused player?

Gave Eve a good six month try. Joined a couple corps, met some good people, but everyone was running three or more toons and spending a ton of time grinding (ie mining) in order to build carriers, etc.

PvP consisted of who was willing to escalate the most capital type ships. You were either running this type of kit (and usually multiple of them) or you just weren’t in the game. My personal interest is more in the support roll (logi, ewar), but there was just no real use for it.

The other issue is the time-gating in that some of the stuff that I would be interested in doing/flying (that might be helpful for the corp in PvP) would take a year of training.

I’m a working, older guy, I like the concept but I don’t have the time nor interest to run multiple toons, or grind for hours on end, or pay for a sub for a year before I can actually contribute. I’m looking for team based PvP gameplay, something you can have fun with the guys an hour or two per night.

Am I “sol” or am I just missing something?

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Ive never tried it but sounds like you might want to get in to some Faction Warfare?

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Faction warfare.

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I’ve been living in W-space since 2010 with only a single character. I suck at multiboxing, so I prefer to focus on my one account. Sure, I can only fly a single ship at once, but then again, I can fill pretty much any spot in the fleet when needed.

DON’T join FW! That ■■■■ couldn’t be more dead.

What do you like to do? Maybe we could start a chat channel in-game for us that fly with just one toon. Could help each other out with sites or something.

FW, but dont actually join FW. You have twice the targets now.

Join my corporation. I’ve been single toon for 9 years and the situation here suits it perfectly

Eve is currently just like that, playground for nerds, wait a little maybe PA change something soon …

Grind and training. A new trap. The real content is in leading fleets. Overcoming the terminal cowardice of the population will always be your biggest hurdle.

Many people tryhard like mad, grind like mad and feel that the only way to fly is if you’re 1000% sure that nothing can happen, so they only fly in blobs and only super overpowered stuff. Gotta have the purple gear with the biggest shoulder pads, otherwise you don’t count. If you just laugh at all that, which is a very healthy thing to do, and don’t want to be anywhere near folks like that you have a bunch of options.

What you are looking for you’re probably not going to find on the recruitment forum or in the ingame channels. You’re looking for laid back folks who don’t take it all too serious but do want to make stuff happen, those tends not to advertise through the normal channels as they recruit on a per person basis.

Best thing to do is to try a few of the open fleets like bombers bar, Bjorn’s fleets or any other “come join us and go do pvp stuffs”. Join them a few times and get the feel for them, then interact with the guys you’re with and at some point you’ll find a group of folks who have a similar mind set to yours and who will be active in your time zone.

It’s going to take time and effort but they ARE out there and it IS worth it.

I do not want your “options


I think OP want the same.

Sign me up

Rancer sounds like place for you :slight_smile: Rancer Customs Control Group is recruiting. Logi pilot is always welcome.

You’ll find everything you need on

Kiss Predvonica for me.

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