I Love To ECM

New video of my ECM frigs beating up the typical cookie-cutter pilots.

It’s boring to watch when you obviously fitted ECM matching each of your targets. The matches were decided before the fights even started and you completely left it out.

“Watch me use perfect counters vs hand picked targets in these eternally long and boring fights”.


Yep, I do fit for the fights, but they are not arranged and not 100% wins as the ECM is not 100% success. I always fit to win a fight, not give my opponents a chance to win. Why you would not is beyond me.

You put a lot of effort into it, check your targets, fit for them, which means you have to observe, have ships or at least modules ready nearby etc. Wonder how you will do with bigger and harder to take targets like T3Cs and Battleships.

My favorite PvP ships happen to be Arazu and Lachesis. So I go for dampeners. I have however PvPed in a combat fit Widow as well as ECM fit Tengu, but very rarely.

I can jam cruisers pretty decent in most of these. Higher tier ones a bit harder without bonus. This is where the bonused ECM shines the most because as the hulls and tiers increase on the target, the more your ECM needs to scale. Unfortunately, without the bonus, there is not much scaling you can do on non-bonus.

I normally fly the EW frigs for everything else. They work very well. I’m going to focus on Tengu next and see if I can make a good ECM platform with it. If you have a fitting, please share!

[Tengu, ECM Tengu]

Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System

EM Ward Amplifier II
Large Shield Extender II
Medium Ancillary Shield Booster
Warp Scrambler II
Multispectral ECM II
Multispectral ECM II
50MN Microwarpdrive II

Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Heavy Assault Missile Launcher II
Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Expanded Probe Launcher II

Medium Targeting System Subcontroller II
Medium Semiconductor Memory Cell II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

Tengu Core - Obfuscation Manifold
Tengu Defensive - Covert Reconfiguration
Tengu Offensive - Accelerated Ejection Bay
Tengu Propulsion - Chassis Optimization

Navy Cap Booster 50 x9
Sisters Combat Scanner Probe x8
Scourge Rage Heavy Assault Missile x396

This fit has some serious limits though. Of course if you fit to targets, then switch the multi spectrums for faction specific ECMs, carry various ammo types and enough ammo. For frigates, or if you want to kill drones, just go with higher precision ammo so you don’t have to use rigs or modules, for destroyer and higher you’re fine with Rage missles. The HAM reload time is 10 seconds, so ammo switching is doable mid-combat. Personally I open with EM or Thermal on shields then switch to kinetic or explosive for armor / hull.

If you go after fast moving targets you’ll need to take out either the shield extender or the ECM resistance amp and stick a web in there. Stay with Navy 50s for the anci booster, unlike cap boosters the anci shield booster still gives you same amount of HP regardless of charge size, but you get 9 cycles out of the 50s, vs 4 cycles out of the 100s.

Alternatly, just forget the booster and go with a 3rd ECM and use rigs for passive shield regen, but do keep the scan resolution rig, that one is important.

This fit is all T2 except the damage mods, they’re just too good to pass up :slight_smile: , also, if you do want more speed or better cap efficiency, replace the T2 MWD with faction or deadspace, whatever you are comfortable with price wise. Faction / deadspace MWDs not only give you better cap, but different ones give you different overheat bonusses, some take a lot less damage so you can OH them for longer time, while others give flat out more speed but last shorter. Its up to you what you find comfort with.

Last but not least, if you are still having issues, and if you hunt your targets, you may not need the covert sub system entirely. Ditch it for tanking one if you don’t need to use the cloak.

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