Ok Eve, decide for me

(DiaIydd Mab) #1

Ok I want to get into a new pvp career and not sure where to start, absolutely no pve is preferable as I will just wallet warrior for that. I’ve dabbled in warring on Indy corps and made an effort to also defend them from wars (not as easy) I really only want to fly a catalyst and face dive into people with the whole control panel overheated. I guess sec loss won’t matter cuz I can alt in more cats.

Anyone need a pilot like this or can recommend a facet of pvp I may be well suited for? I can get or already have any required coms. Small gang or solo prefered.

What do?

(US east btw)

(Nora Maldoran) #2

Have you considered faction warfare?

(DiaIydd Mab) #3

I have but I hear a lot of negativity about the current state of FW.

(Chessur) #4

Join code. It’s a match made in heaven :slight_smile:

(Oreb Wing) #5

There are a lot of things wrong with factional warfare, but opportunities for dropping on someone with a Cat are everywhere and often.

You might pull off some ganks in highsec, but in low a ton of people will toy with you and kite out of your range if melting faces with blasters is your wet dream here. But sometimes it works out gloriously.

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