Returning - Go it Alone or Corp for Solo

I am back in after a long hiatus. I have been putzing around on this character trying to remember how to fly and function. Its all coming back pretty quickly soooooo…

I am wondering whether, on my main that has some decent pvp background, to just go it alone or search for a corp.

Additionally, I really just want to fly mostly frigates and solo. However, I remember how trying to get solo fights can be frustrating.

Thoughts on all this?

I recommend joining a corp. You can find ones that don’t have any activity requirements, so you will be free to chose your participation level. Plus, you will have access to their stuff (stations, markets, JF services, jump bridges, shared knowledge).

I know a lot of people complain about the blue donut, but I think how big of a problem it is depends a lot on where you live and who you join. For example, we had so few neuts making it all the way out to us when I lived down a dead end string of systems along the edge of New Eden, that I’d sometimes have play sessions where not one single neut was reported in the intel channel. And when I lived one gate away from lowsec, I didn’t have room to whip my dick out without hitting a neut. Besides, some player groups are all about having as few blues as possible anyway.

So I think the main thing is trying to find a group that works for you. Given your interests, you might want to start by looking into FW corps.

Any recommendations?

Unfortunately, no. Your best bet will probably be looking through the corp ads in the recruitment section of the forums and/or in-game. You can also post what you’re looking for in your own ad.

Hi mate have a look at WCS-Pub we would be happy to have a chat with you if this is the kind of corp you would like

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RvB (Red versus Blue) in the Black Rise area are worth checking out.

Well…you can join us. Totally relaxed HS pvp corp. Fly alone or fly in a group. Up to you.

We live in a wh with a nullsec static. Quite cool, I returned from a long break and the upwell structures are very practical. We don’t care about any of the regular wh stuff, we just roll that static until we have a nice place to shoot people with a small fleet. Very fun and good variety. We encountered stuff like a smartbombing titan dropped on our 10 trashers, after which we reshipped in new ones and killed their blingfit barghest.

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