New Caldari Pilot Looking For HS Mission / Salvage Corp

I am a new Alpha Caldari player and I’m interested in a Corp that does HS missions and salvaging. I have been doing SOE Level 3 missions solo but since I am still relatively new, I could use some tips, guidance, and casual mentorship. I would assume that once I am comfortable, I would make the move to LS/NS but I am not sure I am ready quite yet. I been learning on my own by doing my own research, but YouTube can be a bit impersonal. I find it difficult to quickly find answers to some particular issue I may be having and it would be great to have someone who will try to help me if they can. I work full-time so my play time generally limited to one or two hours in the evenings (US CST), maybe 3 times per week and possibly longer on some weekends. As such, my ability to commit to a rigorous set play schedule is severely compromised so I am most interested in a relaxed, casual Corp. I have been somewhat apprehensive about joining a Corp but I keep hearing that this game is meant to be played with others so I am reaching out. Thank you for your interest.

Have you looked into faction warfare at all? We are a new pvp corp enlisted in the Gallente militia and looking for pilots of all experience levels to help us grow. While pvp is our focus, there is also time for pve content ranging from faction warfare missions to simple plexing. The missions reward you with loyalty points as well as is, which can be used to buy high value faction items.
Let me know if any of this sounds appealing to you. We are just getting started but want pilots who can help us grow into something great.

I have but at this time I am not particularly interested in doing PvP, especially since FW could cause me to become “persona non grata” and have a “shoot on sight” tag in one or more sectors of HS space. While I don’t feel ready nor have an appetite for PvP at this time, considering that this game is fundamentally designed to encourage and reward PvP, it is something I will at some time need to learn. However, prior to making the leap into PvP, I would like to learn a bit more about the basics of this game so as to mitigate becoming an ISK piñata for those more experienced and well-funded PvP players.

Completely understandable. If you change your mind feel free to send me a message.
I’d suggest finding a good nullsec Indy corp. You’ll learn a ton and make lots of isk doing it.
Good luck. Fly safe.

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