Cygnus Tactical Services Recruiting

Hi!! We are recruiting new players (including Alpha Clones) for a new combat organization that seeks to train and organically grow with a unified fleet doctrine using Caldari ships. We are looking for highly motivated pilots that are willing to learn and grow at the same time as our company grows and does bigger and better things.

We will start conducting operations in High/Low sec as well as 0.0 to help get people up to speed, but we’ll have fun out in Null and maybe beat up some Alliances along the way!

I’ve been in EVE since 2003 and I’m looking at helping new players get acclimated to New Eden.

Wasup Alexandra,

Are you only interested in HS/LS?

Or is Null something you might want to try your hand at?

Null is definately on the table. The only thing I don’t have so much experience in is WH space. But I spent many a year in 0.0. I just put down HS/LS because I figured that’s what newer pilots maybe more comfortable with.

Open for recruitment, get on board at the ground level with a new corp that’ll be headed for low/null and high sec wars.

Can i join pls

I playing eve 1 year and i want to find a great corp for pvp,pve,etc

I join pls

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