Pirating FW as a Faction War Member

I was just being curious if anyone knew how to pirate in the FW while being part of a faction war militia.

What would the ins and outs entail?

Like holding them for ransom?

Lol, no. What would the mechanics be to run the Faction War as Caldari for example as an active pirate where you attack other FW members to run them out of the site?

Well, for starters, you need to not be such a carebear.

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I mean I’m pretty sure you sign up for the militia, warp into the site and start blasting.

Conversely you could get a fast lock gnosis and gatecamp the gate and ransom them :smiley:

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I think what Dryson is trying to ask is what the mechanics behind FW friendly fire are like, because he wants to be able to attack his teammates by surprise as that would let him win more easily since he wouldn’t have to fight them.

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You die because there’s a certain Russian corp in Caldari FW that awoxes better, faster, and with more numbers. Ignoring that…

You’ll get to enjoy having a :poop: reputation watching everyone in militia set you red and people blocking you in militia chat and spreading the word of your actions. Your posts will be downvoted to oblivion on Reddit and no one will take you seriously. There’s a FW awoxer that tries to make PvP videos and those are downvoted into obscurity. On the forums you’ll be viewed as the lowest tier of backstabbing untrustworthy coward by FW dudes and the RP community alike. No one will want to recruit you into their corp.

Since you’re having to ask about the mechanics, you’ll eventually get booted from the militia anyway. Once that happens everyone will love to shoot you in lowsec.

I recommend trying to be an actual pirate (going sus) and third partying the warzone if you’re gonna do that sort of stuff. But I doubt you’d do it because you just want to farm like a greedy guy. Or getting smart about the mechanics (and based on your posting history I do not feel inclined to elaborate for you)


The awoxing FW pirate having her or his videos down voted into obscurity, probably has more dislikes for her or his actions because pirates are actually taking note and learning the trade.

I would have to assume that a FW pirate would 1st create an alt and grind FW missions for many months to get above the 5.0 standing with the faction militia of choice.

Then after running several sites, the pirate would begin to awox other friendly militia members, then runn more missions to keep her or his FW standing above the line to keep from being removed from the chosen milita by the games standings mechanism.

…what? No.

The downvotes are because no one likes an awoxer*: not third-party neutral pirates, not enemy militia, and certainly not your own militia. It is deeply unpopular gameplay for a variety of reasons. You’re going to have to come to terms with that, or else you’re going to have one hell of a reckoning between reality and whatever excuse you’re conjuring up in your imagination.

*Awox himself is a pretty nice guy these days, so I regret using this term.

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I don’t FW much, but my understanding is that that shooting your own, your allied, or the opposing militias has always been fair game.

As such, anyone with any experience at all in FW has some notion of how to deal with this.

The ‘mechanics’ generally follow the curve - you shoot an ally, they tell the rest of your faction you’re an awoxer, then everyone puts you on their “kill this guy first” list.

However, this is EVE, and in low-sec you’re effectively already on everyone’s kill list. So basically all you’re doing is adding some additional incentive to kill you, and removing any allies you might have had.


Basically, you’re not an AWOXER because you dont have to be in a fleet to identify who is in the militia. You can simply warp to a site, jump in and if friendly militia are in the site, you can attack them.

The question is, do you get LP for attacking and destroying a felllow militia members ship?


You have enough targets in fw that you dont have to shoot your own, and if you do, you get standing penalties and its not really profitable as people fly pvp ships, ready to lose them, they are in fleets, and they can shoot back. People will report you as awoxer and you wil be recognized as such, people will set you red, nobody will help you.


And your point? I have numerous PvP wrecks in a site that have 10 to 20 million ISK in loot.

Building a fleet of five Navy Catalysts to jump into a site and pwn the two or three T1 frigates in the same militia and then salvaging the wrecks would actually be rather profitable.

Most FW sites are restricted T1 and Navy ships of a certain size. Any site below a Medium would be restricted to T1 frigs to Navy destroyers. The Navy Cat is very deadly up close, and with most sites only geared towards 1 ship, LP wise, pirating FW militia ships in the same militia would be a tactic that the opposing militia should be using.

So what if you get blocked and your name spread around New Eden. Such fame is what pirates want to bring the game to them, on their terms.

Incorrect. Almost no pirate wants that fame.

If what you said was true, they’d all be awoxing instead of what they actually do: forming neutral fleets to third party the warzone.

There is one group that is an exception and they already have a garbage-can-on-fire of a reputation.

I think we all should be supporting Dryson’s plan to become a faction warfare awoxer. It’s a commendable new way to play the game that will add a lot of fun and excitement for everyone involved.

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You must be really ISK poor if that is your idea of profitable.

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Eventually you will be kicked out of FW if you shoot too many of your allies. You lose standings when you do and when they get low enough, you (or your corp/alliance) gets kicked.


You can never be kicked out of FW. If you run faction war missions in between awoxing, your standings with your militia will keep you in militia.

Galmil is currently having problems with a militia corporation called Tishus (Tissues) who are just dreg. Last night I helped attacked a Tishus ship and lost 0.7149% Sec Status for attacking the awoxer. Very easy to replace by running missions or ratting the belts.

These are not equal.

This was the sole exception I was talking about, before. From your earlier posts, I am surprised you haven’t joined them.