New to Solo PvP and has a question - how do you not care about loosing ships

So this might seem a dumb question, but how do you stop caring about losses?

So i just bought twenty t1 frigates to try and learn something, but i get annoyed and frustrated when i loose one. How do you get over loosing ships?

Any other advice more than welcome

Just ensure you are COMPLETELY comfortable in your head of the reasons you are doing what you are doing. You are loosing ships in order to test different situations and if you have chosen your fits correctly they will not be major losses to you.

Ensure the ships you are losing are designed to be lost, do not use expensive stuff on the canary ship.

Actually isolate and pay consideration to what you have learned from each fight, so you don’t feel deflated. Keep telling yourself WHY you are throwing these ships into almost certain death.

Every time you die, remember as much as you can about the target ship, how it flew, how you flew, how your modules held up, how long your cap lasted etc. This is how you build up the situational awareness that will later allow you to control the fight.

Don’t be fooled by anyone with a 1000/1 kill to death ratio, they just practiced on other characters and your initial losses are just as necessary as theirs were :blush:

EvE Mail me if you want to bounce any questions or just want a few friendly fights.

Two particular ways that come to find, first is making more than your lossing, now I dont exactly mean make more isk before you pvp.
I mean more in the ways of faction warfare, sure you’ll die but after capping one of two plexs while out there you can make the isk to field 8 more frigates.

The second one is nore of a mind game, buy a bunch of frigates with fitting, and leave them for a week or two as you do other stuff, eventually it will loss that new ship smell and it wont feel like your lossing income, as that was purchased long ago and forgotten about.
On that point you can probably set buy orders on tech 1 mods and save isk that way.

You have to remind yourself that ships are disposable tools to get a job done. They are essentially ammunition.

What I do is set aside a portion of whatever I make from my ISK-earning activities as a sort of “combat wallet”. I don’t feel bad blowing the ISK in this “wallet” because its the videogame equivalent of RL budgeting for entertainment or eating out at restaraunts.

Lastly, think hard about each loss. It’s frustrating if you think you got nothing out of the fight. Think about what you learned, or consider how you can do better. This way it feels like you got some knowledge and experience as compensation for the loss of your ship. Makes it more palatable.

thats a good way of looking at it

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Good advice thank you :slight_smile: learning a lot from everybody here

a) It is quite normal to lose ships. There is no shame in it.
b) When you undock considder your ship as an already lost one. Do not expect it to get back home.
c) Every time losing a ship try to answer tyourself what and where you did wrong. Also send an eve-mail to the one that killed you and ask him for advices. Not everyone will answer. But in some cases this will get you knowledge. Some will reimburse your loss. And in some cases this will get you friends in EVE you’ll fly together for years.
d) If you care about your game stats then create a new throw-away char and practice on it. No-one will know about your past mistakes in this case.

This is odd. I can see where Keno is going with his answer, that you need to accept the inevitability of loss and not use expensive fits. Standard advice. The others are mostly saying the same thing.

But … you bought 20 of them already. This is not your brand new ship, your only ship, your best ship, the ship you saved up all month to afford. You can obviously afford to lose 1 or 2 or 6 and carry on regardless.

It seems you expressly bought enough ships that losing one would not cause annoyance and frustration, but would instead just be part of the learning curve, expected loss.

So what’s annoying you? :thinking:

As I have heard people say many times, in EVE ships are your ammo. Ships are thrown away like bullets are fired from guns in other games.

Don’t let losing get in the way of learning. Every fight is experience, every mistake a lesson. You may fire 19 bullets that miss, but when the 20th is a headshot you will know you have arrived.

Most of all, enjoy PvP. It’s fun.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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I was going to comment here, as a new PvP’er also, and maybe suggest finding people who are happy to do fights to Hull, as a way of learning without the fear of loss. I’ve managed a few of these through a chat channel, and it helps. I was going to offer this :slight_smile:

Then I checked your killboard…

If I’m doing this right, you’ve got a great history and a magnificent record!! And tons of cash to buy those expensive (to me) ships. You’ve lost more than I think I’ve ever had!!

Please correct me if I’m wrong, or I’m using ZKill wrong. I need all the learning I can get.

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Hm…not a single T1 frigate to be found on that killboard lol

What the actual f …


Well this just became a whole different story.

What the …


Sorry I should explain, I was talking about learning to solo PvP, so far I’ve mostly care-bear-ed and group ganked (with SRP) very different ball game.

How ever the advice given so far has been very helpful :slight_smile:

Yes its fair to say its not the loss of cash that bugs me as t1 frigs i can afford by the bucket load.

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No, not in the slightest. It is actually the most important question out there.
Listen to the advice given, there is not much more to add.

Back when I went from pve to solo pvp - which is the most hardcore level you can do things of all forms of ship vs ship(s) combat.
I find losing (my boat) really upsetting and see to it that I don’t.

You may not get out of all situations but in time (and experience, like conquering your own fear) you know what you can engage and when to bail - also really important to learn at some point.
If you don’t spend much time doing pve for the ships you fly, you can spend more time doing pvp and losses don’t hurt as much.

What I can advise you to do is, record your fights for later study. You don’t need to show them but you can watch your own fights at a later time and maybe notice some things you didn’t before and be better prepared next time.

And if you like watching video, hob on youtube and search the “jampyzero” channel and the “Kovorix” channel.
I am not sure if you can still get it but if you have access to itunes, download the podcast “Brining Solo Back” and listen to them.
So things have changes and some fittings are inaccurate now because some slot layouts have changed in the last recent years but flying a ship didn’t change at all.

And my last advice, whatever you hear or read about killboards, just stop listening. If you start worrying too much about your killboard statistics, you will never have fun again.
Killboards can be a funny place to look for ganks or some unlucky lad with too many isk and a 300 billion loss mail.
Or it shows how (not very) good pandemic horde is at pvppppppppp when they only need more than 69 svipuls (they call that “small gang”) to shoot a Jackdaw.

And at last, if you find someone you can talk to, fly with him or her and see how much even a duo is a much different experience than flying by yourself, hoping there is not a camp on the gate you are about to jump into.

Good luck!

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There’s 2 ways! First and foremost - If it is a ship on my Free For all Frig list - Contact me in game for your free frig!
Yes that’s right.
Then the second part - Watch this EVE Video
Death in EVE is fresh start!

Hey @Sigel_Mantea take a look at:

Some good pointers and discussion going on in there, following that plan also gives you a good lesson on loss in EVE - ships are like ammo :slight_smile:

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