Questions from an Old EVE Player Returning

Hello everyone! I’m an old veteran of EVE that recently decided to re-activate my old account and start playing again. For reference, the last time I played was in 2016, and by that point I wasn’t super active. I had logged out in Jita 4-4, and when I logged back in, I kind of felt like when Steve Rogers ran out into Times Square at the end of Captain America: just absolutely assaulted by the new visuals of 4-4’s interior.

That aside, I wanted to ask the community what some of the best ways to start making some money solo are for the time being. I know that all the best ways involve cooperation, obviously, and I have a couple friends that I played with that are also thinking of playing again, but for now, I’m not necessarily interested in joining a corp or anything like that.

To give some background on my skills, my character has 111 million skill points, the vast majority of which are dedicated to combat. I have around 2 billion in liquid ISK and several billion more than that in assets, so I’m not starting at zero. I have all factions/weapon types trained mostly up to 5, excepting of course anything that came out post-2016, so I can be somewhat flexible. I used to run high-sec/low-sec missions back in the day, so I wonder how viable that is now.

Anyway, any thoughts from current players on the best ways for a solo to go about making ISK? Any insight would be appreciated!


Start Isk Doubling :slight_smile:

Srsly, I don’t Pve so ehhh? I’m not sure. LP market is crashing right now.

My most recent active isk-seeking play was lowsec gas huffing.

The upcoming Havoc content promises to be lucrative for both Empire FW side and the brand new Angel/Guristas “FW” side with payouts for everyone participating in the new suppression/corruption sites. Highsec missions are basically identical to what they were in 2016. Lowsec FW missions are available, I havent run them, I hear a L4 FW mission is same difficulty as L3 normal agent mission but rewards FW LP alongside isk.

You can join FW individually now without changing corp. Be aware 24 hours must elapse between dropping FW flagging and rejoining FW, which is relevant cause we’re only a couple days out from patch.

Some new risks that might be worth resetting your overview and researching:

  • AFK cloaking now has a player-deployed “mobile observatory” countermeasure available
  • About 20 empire systems are now disconnected forming “Pochven”, a triglavian region. you can gain positive standings with triglavians with a single kill there from neutral standing
  • Autothysian Lancers show up in systems with Jove Observatory beacons and are neutral until aggressed then they will follow you around system and pod you
  • Changing the price on a market order now incurs a significant percentage fee
  • Dreadnaughts now have an AOE weapon available that stops gate jumps
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In no particular order:
lvl4 mission running (marauder) in hisec, you’ll find some interesting changes on marauders.
joining a nullsec group and krabbing
gas huffing (lowsec and wh)
sites in wh space (allegedly that’s where the real isk is)
FW … especially with the current changes
maybe still the incursions, if you can join a group ?
Those are the grindy options.

for the above, least investment of isk necessary: gas huffing

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Get a Gila and start running Abyssal Filaments. Essentielly you are jumped to a special three zone arena with a 20 minute timer. If you run out of time you lose everything, ship and pod. The cash that you can pull from those is spectacular once youve got some experience.

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