My Experiences as a New Player

I have been playing for 5 months. I do not play a lot. Here is a brief summary of my experiences. I just thought this might be of general interest to brand new solo players like myself.

After finishing the tutorial I thought I would try exploring. So, I hopped onto one of the ships I had been given, maybe a Venture, and started flying into null sec spaces. On perhaps my second journey I got blown up by two player with 10+ years experience. At that point I decided maybe I would try a different approach.

Mining was easy and allowed me to make some money. Everywhere I read on the internet said to avoid mining. But I went ahead with it anyway. Eventually I got to where I could mine ice in high sec space. This was an easy way to make quite a bit of money. But it was very boring.

I read that exploration was a good way to make money. So, I created an alt to devote to exploration. I kept taking my ship into wormhole space and kept getting blown up. Tracking down data or relic sites in high sec space took quite a bit of time. There seems to be a lot of competition for them. All in all, I was losing money from the ships I was losing to NPC drones in the wormholes.

I read on the internet that I could make a lot of money if I ran level 4 missions. So, I trained my main toon to do that. After reaching level 4 mining missions I read that I would need a second account if I hoped to make much money that way. So, I set that aside.

I read that doing level 4 security missions was a really good way to make money. So, I got a battleship, a Dominix, and started doing those with sentry drones. I had almost no experience with fighting. I almost lost my ship on my first level 3 security mission. Then I discovered I was supposed to jump my ship when warping into a crown of hostiles. The next thing I learned was I was not supposed to jump my ship without first retrieving my drones because sentry drones do not move.

Once I had those two key tips figured out I was able to complete level 3 and 4 security missions easily. Although, I still was not making a lot of money. Then I got a level 4 ‘burner’ security mission that requires a frigate. So, I have gone back and started training all the frigate skills I skipped over on the way to the Dominix. In a day or two I will be able to get an assault frigate and maybe can try the burner mission.

Then I saw a video that I could make money by just ratting in level 1 or 2 low sec space. I have just returned from my first trip to level 2 space since getting shot down five months ago. For this I am using a Navy issue drone frigate. Surprisingly I did not make much money, but I did not get blown up either.

So far, the best way I have found to make money is still to mine ice, but it is really boring. I have been told that assault frigates are the most fun ships to fly. Once I get one I will try the level 4 burner security mission, but I might still need to train level 5 skills if I do not want to lose the ship. I have approximately 44 million skill points so far, but a very large proportion of those have been devoted to training to get an Orca and a Rorqual. I have not flown or even fitted the Rorqual yet.

In the next day or two I will try taking my Navy issue drone frigate into level 1 low sec space to see whether I can make some more money that way. I saw a video that indicated you can get pirate insignias that way that are worth close to 20 million ISK each.

I have also tried playing the market, buying low and selling high. So far I have identified one or two items that provide me with a small but steady stream of passive cash. Although, I am not getting rich that way.

This pretty much covers the various experiences I have had in my first 5 months. So far I have been playing solo, but do join fleets when mining ice. The chats I have with other players while mining ice are fun and I learn quite a bit that way.

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your post mainly talks about the different ways you tried to earn isks.

Two comments:

  1. did you join a corp? If not, i strongly suggest you to do that. You will get help, advices, etc

  2. You forgot the most important thing: eve is not a job that you do to earn isks. You earn isks to pay the ship that you fly to get some fun. Fun can comes from pvp, or from doing explo, or even from any other activity. But you seem to get focused on how to earn isks. Did you find something that you liked to do?


You said “money” 12 times…that’s a bad sign IMO

My suggestion is to find something that you really like doing and eventually you will make ISK at it. I like market stuff and now I make on average about 110-120M a day doing that with 1hr invested. The rest of my time I make things or rat and earn another 30-60 a day.

Don’t chase ISK as a new player…do what you WANT to do and the ISK will flow to you eventually.

GL and have fun!


The two posts above me gave excellent advice. This is what jumped out to me.
That’s about two and a half years of skill training. It’s the downside to skill injectors.
Eve is complex and takes time to learn injectors have provided you skills, but you have missed the two years in game learning the details.
You really need a good Corp, they will help you fill in the gaps.


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