hi, ive been playing for around 7 days now. im not able to get any steady income, or any at all pretty much. i could be mining but thats litteraly doing nothing for 15-20 min to get 1 mil after selling it to jita or wherever. i mostly tried doing exploration in lowsec. lets say i went exploring 20 times, 1 time i got 50mil(great), 5 g times got 1-3mil, 14 times died.
i really like this game but i feel like ill quit if i soon dont manage to get any decent steady income.
am i excpexting too much by thinking i should be earning more than just 1–5mil/h as a new player?
lastly is there any advice or corp that will teach me how to start making decent money. my goal is to plex my acc(in 1 or 2months) by earning isk so if i cant manage that ill probably lose interest
tnx for reading

You shouldn’t be dying 14 times doing low sec exploration. Doing exploration is, to a large extent, learning how to avoid situations where someone will be able to kill you.

To that end, the F10 map is one of your in-game friends. Look for systems with an average of 1 or fewer pilots in-system in the last 30 minutes. If there are people in-system, don’t explore there unless you know they’re docked or not in a combat ship. Directional scan ALL THE TIME. If you ever see combat probes, or even other scanning probes, it’s probably time to move on unless you’re in a ship that can hold its own in a combat encounter (not most exploration ships).

Only go to pirate faction relic and data sites, as those are the only sites that don’t have NPCs guarding them. The exception is anything called a “cover research facility.” DO NOT attempt these until you get extremely proficient in hacking, and even then I wouldn’t suggest doing them in anything expensive.

If gate camping has got you down, try checking your route on

I’ve only died a few times, and I think every time I was in a Wormhole, which is sort of a whole other thing.

I pretty much do exploration exclusively, so can’t speak to other professions. I’ll let others tell you about those. Hope you stick around. Fly safe o7


tnx for answering. i was moslty exploring where there were 0-5 people in system, i guess i should only do it when its totaly empty. how do i know if its pirate faction site? does it say on the card when warping to it?

Yup. When you scan them down, relic sites will be named Crumbling/Decayed/Ruined [Faction Name] [Site Name]; data sites will be named Local/Regional/Central [Faction Name] [Site Name]. The first part just depends on if you’re in High/Low/Null or WH space. I haven’t seen a significant difference between site names, although more experienced explorers might know better.

Again, if there’s one or two people, you can sometimes get away with it if (1) you know they’re docked; or (2) you’ve seen them on your directional scanner and they’re piloting something not meant for killing you. For example, if there’s one person in-system and you see someone is piloting a Venture, you’re probably in the clear. If you want to know you’re good, you can always just look for empty systems.

You can also look up pilot names on zkillboard. If you see that they kill a ton of exploration ships, you should be extra wary.


tnx i guess i got to prepare more carefully before going on my exploration journey. ill try doing all these things and hopefully get home safely with ship full of loot.

Others may give you better advice on isk making activities, but I wanted to offer some guidance on this part of your post.

Aiming to PLEX your account like this is a sure way to lose interest in the game. It is highly unlikely you will earn enough isk as a new player to be able to to this without undertaking a very great deal of time intensive activity.

You would be far better off buying a subscription and/or some PLEX to sell on the market. Grinding for isk to cover your sub is close to indentured servitude wages, when all one needs to do is spend not much more than one would on a coffee to be comfortable.

Alternatively, get used to the game for a few months as an Alpha. Skill Points are not the most useful ‘skills’ in the game - awareness, tactics and experience are much more valuable, and you can gain these just as easily as an Alpha. Patience is a fundamental part of EvE.

Your choice, of course.


As a new player your goal should be to earn enough to cover any losses. As long as you fly cheap ships this means you do not need a lot of income, and can spend a lot of time learning your way around the game.


yea i guess so. ive been watching lots of vids “alpha to omega in month” so i thought thats what new players were supposed to achieve. im taking it a bit slower now and with more planing/preparation

There is the dream of some people to play completely for free by plexing right from the start because you can but that costs you time. Do you want the game to be your 2nd job? Then by all means spend you time being alpha and grinding for Plex, and once Omega keep grinding to maintain it. Personally I want to PVP so I pay for a sub, (I do the annual sub as it’s the cheapest per month but if your new and still figuring things out the monthly isn’t that expensive either). Per hour my job pays enough that paying the sub is better time value than grinding isk for it.

Paying for my sub means I focus on playing the game. I do isk making to replace losses and increase the variety of ships available to me in caches across regions I PVP in. If I don’t feel like making isk some month I’m not feeling compelled to grind to Plex my account because my sub is paid.

Eventually I made enough isk with low enough effort to Plex alts but even then I still pay for my main and if I don’t feel like plexing XYZ alt this month my day isn’t ruined. Plus, if you don’t need to be logged in at the same time as your alt such as a market trader you can use MTC to get them going and keep them on the same account as your main. Then when your done with their training they are Omega due to you paying the sub for your main but not costing the extra fee for a 2nd account.


This bit cannot be emphasized enough…

While it’s possible to plex a single account by playing it, this requires playing 40 hours a week, turning your game into a (very poorly paying) job.

The majority of plex is spent funding alts… and usually alts that are designed to help a well skilled main earn enough ISK to fund said alts (and possibly the main as well.)

Also consider the economic aspect… every plex you buy is sold to you for ISK by a player who has been willing to pay real cash for that ISK. There will always be more people willing to play for free (everyone on the planet?) than there are people willing to pay a sub, and then pay extra for some extra in-game cash. Guess who loses out?

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You are doing something wrong. While plexing account in week is not in reach of 7 day old player. For someone who understand game making enough isk is not a problem while enjoying game.

This is a truly dreadful statement which should be framed and put into Hilmars office.

You are supposed to join a group of spacefriends and enjoy your very own space adventure. You can be a hero (to your people, for anybody else you are just a murderer) or you can be the villian breaking all trust. You can build an empire (read: throw the locals out and dismiss their culture) or be the pirate raiding their space.

Money in itself is not the reward. It’s a mere tool to make others work for your gain. If you waste it on PLEX it is you who works for the gain of others. If you like it that way go for it. EvE will not tell you what to do. If you want to play a servent that’s just fine. You will enjoy the game if you follow your own path - because it is your path. But don’t listen to folk “on the internet” and come here to complain that you can’t make enough ISK. That’s just silly. We wont tell you how to compete with us and win.

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and follow my advice: join a corp. You will get friends, help, advices, fits, enemies, tasks, roles, and, most important, some GOALS to achieve, which will give sense to the time you spend playing eve

all of u guys except first 2 guys didint even have to type anything here. implying i should spent irl money on the game and what not. thats not what i was asking ad theres a reason i wont spend an real money on it. than saying “youre supposed to joing a group of spacefriends…” than saying “eve will not tell u what to do”. i like playing solo and not spending money on a game. i have time to do so. and thanks to 1 or 2 guys who were acctually trying to be helpful, im able to do it.

Actually…there were many who were being helpful. I predict you are likely to quit sooner than later. Bye in advance, best to you in finding gaming enjoyment.


nice from u to come to random post and be an internet dick to a stranger for a second.

lol you aint seen nothin’ yet, precious.
Prediction reinforced.

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and so, instead of asking your space friends on comms/discord/corp chat/etc. all the questions that you could ask and get quick responses with details, fits etc, you prefer to play solo and ask here some advices. Here, where you will get a very few answers in a longer period of time… ok… are you sure you want to play a mmo? because there are many solo games on pc/ps4 where you can play solo…

That is true. You didn’t pay them so they had no obligation to write anything - including what you wanted to hear. That’s what lickspittles … pardon me … management consultants are for.

As I told you, EvE is not goint to tell you what to do. CCP Games has plans for the players. They wouldn’t need game designers if they didn’t. Sometimes they even tell us what those plans are. Other players will tell you what to do. That can be beneficial or a waste of time. It all depends who you ask. As you have learned in this thread, asking the general public tends to be a bad idea.

Nobody is going to tell you how to make sick money real quick. That’s for corp mates. Since you want to play solo - again, that is perfectly fine - you wont have any corp mates that trust you not to rush off and tell the general public how to make sick money real quick. If the general public would know, it would stop working. That’s why asking us how to compete with us and win is silly. And that’s why you where given the free and therefore honest advice to join a corp.


He’s one of those guys who can’t spell “you” …