Question for the Solo players

A question for you solo players (by solo I mean 1 person not one account).

How do you make your ISK? I mean that in broad terms rather than specifics, I know no one gives specifics.

I’ll explain. I’ve 2 accounts and 6 omega characters, I am in a corp but that corp is mainly USTZ, very few people are on in EU and very little happens as a corp in EU so I was initially thinking of moving to another corp, but then I figured that I’ve been in lots of corps already and none of them have really done it for me so was thinking of staying solo.

If I stay solo I need access to low tax POCOs and other services like citadels for manufacturing, I know that there are public ones of those but POCOs seem to tough deal to find.

To you solo players do you earn the money to provide yourself with these services (if you use them) or do you build relationships with other corps to try and maybe get blue status or something like that. I cannot afford to run my own citadel so it would be pointless for me to go that route. But was wondering what others do.

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The first question you need to answer is what you need the isk for.


I do combat exploration in high sec space, on average this makes me 400-600 mil a day. These days I only have one omega account, I also have a few alphas for various stuff none of which creates real income. I make way more money than I need but I enjoy running those sites so for me it’s a relaxing pass time that allows me to chat and help Rookies.

My expenses are ships for my PVP characters, I don’t believe in pimping things out or flying pimp ships so my PVP costs are actually quite low. I also spend a bit on several projects I run on alts, mostly about helping newer players.

@Xeux - mainly to buy ships to PVP with and not have to worry about replacing them

@Theron_Larkis - that is a good amount of ISK for high sec sites, how long does it take you to amasse that kind of ISK daily?

PvP? There is a lot of PvP in this game that you can get reimbursed for. PvP is a very broad category.

I generally do it for “a few hours”, it’ll be coupled with helping in Rookie channel so reading people’s questions, answering and also very often have 2-3 convos open with people asking questions. A lot of time I’ll be idling doing so.

It’s not that I do it every day but when I do it I generally make that kind of isk. Of course there’s good and bad days but given enough data samples (days) that evens out.

I look for passive income methods, don’t want my Eve time spent grinding. When I log on, my goal is to find fights. Everything else is a waste of my time

I did PI for years but got tired of the grind. And losing a cargo full of product on the way to market every so often didn’t help. With two toons it was about 1.5 billion a month.

Recently I have been building ships bought with LP in faction warfare. I can buy a stabler fleet issue blueprint for 5 million, the minerals for 9 million and sell immediately for 38 million which is a gain of about 25 million. If I were to play the market price game, I could make more

Another method is to farm my alts skill points. I train the hacking skills and then extract and sell the injector for a profit of about 330 million

Granted none of these are huge money makers, but combining the farming and the ship selling gives me enough to replace ships. Good loot helps too

Last resort, just buy plex with cash and sell it. I tend to have my wallet around 4B Isk most of the time. Never fly and buy anything bigger than a battleship so I am in good shape

Bottom line… depends on how much time you want to earn however much you need. You don’t need to earn and hoard billions of Isk.

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@Theron_Larkis - thanks for the info.

@Loutro_Fift - Yeah the PI is a grind but as all but one of my characters is doing it it makes decent ISK, but yeah it is a grind so looking at alternatives.

I do market work for most of my ISK since it’s 100% hands off and I only need to touch it like once every month or so. Means I can spend whatever time I am on EVE to go around doing dumb things I want.

I do PI in low and it seems whenever a high tax POCO pops up someone blows it up.

@Scoots_Choco - as in station/regional trading

@Salt_Foambreaker - thats good to know, last time i did PI in low sec the yield was pretty poor.

Mostly import/export work from Jita to other places.

I build and sell MTU’s.

I also hunt and destroy MTU’s.

Generating demand for your own products is its own reward :blush:


i like your style lol

Generally speaking as true solo player just run missions during the week. Can usually average around 7bil per week from L4 running with some minor side activities like ice mining.

I mostly tried running events. I did some mining and exploration too.

My actual play hours excluded me from successfully finding a corp that worked for me so I was not solo by choice. Even when I was in a corp I was solo. The bigger question that you’ve already been asked is what do you want isk for? That was a real game breaker for me. I’m still subbed but no longer even trying to play since I was not able to do what I wanted to do solo. Now I make 0 isk/hr.

Look in low sec. HighSec pocos have an npc tax on top of the player tax.

Whilst I’m not a solo player, i make money ‘solo’ and use other peoples infrastructure with no deals just fine.

My main income is planetary interaction if that helps.

I earn most of my ISK in High-Sec, in a variety of activities. I vary a lot between activities so as to not get burned. Missions. Combat Exploration. Triglavian Invasion. Incursions. Selling Loot and Blueprints in the Market. Courier Contracts.

The cumulative gain of these activities has been able to sustain me.
Incursions is the best ISK per hour, but doing the same thing over and over burns me out too fast.

I lose most of my ISK by blowing up in Wormhole and Low-Sec.
The rest of the ISK goes to some Projects I try to implement from time to time and to Unexpected Losses.

Wormhole exploration and buying Plex.

Reading some of the comments here makes me want to try lvl4 security missions again.
Other than that, making isk in EvE feels extremely grindy… So you have to choose between less and more grindy activities.
I would only recommend that to unemployed people!

Pi, industry.