Making isk as omega

well i just got ganked again this happens to me every day on all my toons wether im flying an expensive ship or not i needs to make isk the last time i was hauling my pi product and lost the lot i have only just started pi and need to make isk this frustrating me so much i really like the game but will probably have to quit if i cant make is when my omega time ends


The real question is how did you get ganked were you in space outside concord protection or is your group at war with someone?
We’re you hauling too many valuables in a squishy ship?
PI is regarded as a passive income source try to diversify and do something else to make some isk on the side.Also grinding for a month to be omega isn’t fun if you got the means to make lots of isk it’s good if not reconsider your playstyle

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i have been ganked in a velator with i civilian railgun a mammoth carrying nothing in 0.5sec i need to make the isk to support my main which i run missions with and loose the occasional vni

is it the same person/corp?

Maybe stay out of low- and null-sec as a solo pilot. Just as an idea. Do your PI in high-sec and skill into Blockade Runners for when you want to do PI in low- and null-sec.

And perhaps don’t call your corp “shitbags”. You’ll only draw more negative attention with such a name.

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the mantra of some people here “We have no ganking problem,ganking is normal,everybody wants it,we don’t need no change to a changed market” oooom

CCP will show you how bad we need change in high…

Look at his KB…this is a BS thread…He has only lost 1 ship in HS and it was a legal kill which means he was suspect. Everything else is LS…

(Note: KB is showing only to the 20th so this is not the full picture…)


it’s not relevent where or with what he is killed…ganking is bannable in EVERY other mmog and if you like it or not ccp will and has to adept to this… bottom line

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No. Bottom line is that you need to leave EVE and only come back when you have accepted that it’s a hardcore PvP game and ganking is a part of its experience.

This “all other MMOs don’t” nonsense is not going to fly here, mate.


Sure. Why don’t you wait outside until that changes. We will call you back in once ganking is gone. You may play some of those other MMO while waiting. Bye


I really have to wonder what games you have played. Not even in WoW they ban people for ganking, and WoW is as protective of its carebears as it gets.

From what I can see in OPs zkillboard, most of the ships he lost in lowsec, which is considered to be a constant warzone. But even among those, many of the fights were against a single other pilot, which can hardly be considered a gank by any stretch of the word.

The only loss I can see that was in highsec was of a battlecruiser against a single frigate. Again, calling that a “gank” would be ridiculous.

@markar_Joringer Just steer clear of lowsec for a while, or if you enter lowsec, only fly survivable ships (i.e. Covert Ops frigates) or ships that you can easily replace with your current income.


this is a thread asking for advice on how to make is not a â– â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  thread

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Protip: Never fly anything you can’t afford to lose.

If you constantly get ganked you do it wrong. Though this thread seems not to be genuine, for the sake of other readers who face such issues here are some general recommendations:

  • Rethink your fits
  • Rethink where you fly (some systems are less crowded and/or less saturated with gankers)
  • Rethink your practices (for example how and when you use autopilot or if possible not at all)
  • Rethink where you fly (avoid going beyond the borders of hisec until you are prepared)
  • And so on.
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i dont want to stop people getting killed by other playes that is part of this game i just need advice on how to make enough isk to afford the ships i keep losing bear in mind i have 3 toons so the kills are not only on this one why does everybody think this is not a genuine thread asking for advice


First step in making ISKs though is to cut down on your losses. When you’re losing ships just trying to make ISKs and not even just for fun then you’re doing it wrong.

Avoid small corps. If you want to make some proper ISKs and play with others then I suggest you join the Incursion communities for a while. Get onto TeamSpeak or Mumble or whatever they use, join their fleets and kill Sanshas in fleets. You’ll be no longer flying alone, make some friends and lots of ISKs. You’ll be able to PLEX your game with ease and even bling your ships.

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Not needlessly losing money is a part of making money as well.

Other than that:

  • margin trading is investment heavy, but potentially involves the least effort, and it scales nearly endlessly
  • trading across regions, stocking local markets and such can make you good buck, but again requires a lot of monetary investment, and does not scale as well, as at some point you become a juicy target for evildoers
  • scamming and corporate theft can be very lucrative, but require patience and good social skills
  • incursions pay decently well for a PvE activity in highsec, but don’t expect to be able to partake in half-fit cruisers. read up on how they work and talk to people who run them before you try those.
  • exploration doesn’t pay well, but is very low risk and requires only a cheap frigate in highsec
  • ratting in lowsec (for clone soldier tags) can work, but I recommend to fly something somewhat nimble and cheap (t1 cruisers or t3 destroyers work), and you should keep an eye out for potential enemies (pretty much everyone you encounter in lowsec)
  • running anomalies in well protected nullsec space using a supercapital ship pays fairly well. The downside is that you need access to such space and a supercapital ship.
  • rorqual mining - same as above, just replace the super with a rorqual
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I really really recomed to not farm ISK for PLEX! Seriously, this will just put you off this game. Because what happens if you farmed enough for a PLEX? Exactly, you can pay that PLEX to farm for another one…

This is an endless cycle and it will wear you down.

As for making ISK. There are a lot of possibilities. I’m not really someone who grinds for ISK so that part is probably best answered by someone else. What I can tell you is that you should not try to do this alone.

Alone you only have access to highsec and maybe a few lowsec resources. If you join a good corp that changes. Areas like w-space or nullsec have more risk but also offer incredibly better rewards to offset that risk.

Don’t join one of those highsec corps, they will only exploit you. Go for a corp who can teach you how to make ISK and who has actual space and infrastructure to support you.


EVE isn’t other MMOs. EVE is EVE. Ganking happens. Ganking is avoidable. CCP don’t have to adapt for you, you have to adapt to the valid game mechanic of your ship getting shot out from under you if you don’t take proper precautions.

If you like low sec so much, train into Astero with Covert cloak, do some DED sites for quick ISK and deadspace loot, then upgrade to Stratios with covert cloak and do the same but some better sites. Do PI in high sec on all 5 planets on all 3 characters you can have. You can also try Incursions. Eventually you could even try tech 3 exploration in null, having stuff like nulification.

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