Well I tried

left jita , tried to make honest living in eve, 1 day in grinding in .6 event site, guy comes in coercer and pops my worm before concord even arrives lol

the game is insanely broken in too many ways, anyways im heading back to jita to scam more peoples

seems only way to make isk in eve now :wink:


as a coercer player i want to point that the worm is one of the hardest frigates to kill , you have a great tank and can take range and murder the coercer with your drones
coercer only have 2 mid slots so if he have a point he don’t have prop or web , you are faster anyway , coercer is a glass cannon , the ehp is ■■■■
there is 2 long range 12 km+++ ammos , one don’t track ■■■■ the other don’t do much damage

im not criticising you , just pointing that next time you may kill him


This pilot has never scammed or tried to scam anyone in New Eden and there are many ways to make ISK even while being extorted.

Having a DCU instead of one of the drone damage amplifiers would have improved your survival chance by quite a bit. Also every shield-tanked ship has a natural EM resist hole, which is why I would replace one of the Defense Field Extenders with an EM Shield Reinforcer.


thats her hp on killboard
Captura de Tela 2022-04-12 às 12.22.16

thats the hp of the last lost coercer the guy killed her had
Captura de Tela 2022-04-12 às 12.22.55

and no web no prop

Captura de Tela 2022-04-12 às 12.23.52

a simple orbit at 500m and send the drones probably would have killed him


Captura de Tela 2022-04-12 às 12.27.21
terrible track and wont hit 10km+ FOR SURE

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That’s something I haven’t considered checking. Looking at his killboard, the Coercer tops out just under 6k damage so this Worm was pretty close.

Also there is no reason to sit at 0 while doing a site, because it only gives the hunter a chance to warp straight on top of you. A drone boat like Worm can easily extend to 50 km, which not only makes you take less damage from rats but also gives you time to escape while the hunter is trying to get to you.

Learned that the hard way btw.

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dude that coercer hits 20km max with sub par damage and tracking(scorch)
if she orbits at 23ish she hits with impunity
the only good tracking/good damage option for pulses is multifrequency

I was talking about running the whole site while being 50km from the middle so he can’t do anything without flying at least 30km, which gives her time to escape (even if he had an MWD).

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mwd + 8 guns = the capacitor is empty


Live and EVE are dangerous… I am sorry for your loss but yeah ■■■■ happens. Just get used to it.

By the way, I found running these sites in wormhole space much more relaxing as there is much less traffic and annoyance then in known space.


voices in your head…

Do you hear them too?


What someone in a alpha acc can do (as told to us the false merchandise from CCP) to earn isk to buy a single month on Eve?


Hateless gaming while on live stream showed us

Eve Beginners Guide to Abyss Cheapest Setup
Eve Beginners Guide to Abyss Cheapest Setup - YouTube
Best of the best when in comes to that sort of thing.

You cant write about you talk before? So, im right about. Simple. ‘Voices on the head’… just abstration, nothing REAL in game.

You can’t handle the voices? They tell me to Extract! Extract Extract

/in all seriousness though one must spend money to one day not have to spend so much money.

/You are questioning the comment “and there are many ways to make ISK”? as a new pilot? I linked that about Hateless, no I don’t run those sites. There is other ways of generating isk rather than sitting in Jita scamming… That was the reasoning for the first reply of mine above.

/The thread title states “well I tried” I had pulled apart the “game is insanely broken” thinking No OP didn’t really try!

I know how that feels. The skyhigh PLEX prices make it more difficult for me too, you are not the only one who is suffering. This month i will not make much ISK. If the trend is continuing, i may even have to log in and play the game. :frowning:

You are right PLEX is to high, the economy is running red hot, it is overheating. I can just imagine how hard the new Capsuleers must have it. :frowning:
CCP should do something, lower the taxes! The new playerbase is suffering.

Seems normal.

No it’s not.


But it wasn’t just a Coercer, which only did 46% of the damage…it was a Guristas ship too.


Concord only arrives when the criminal act is performed. Remember they punish, they do not prevent, unless the criminal takes to long to kill you.