Dronelands ,belt ratting edition and observations

I have some interesting info to share about belt ratting in drones space.
You will need to pick a system with a sec status of -0.9 or -1.0 this being the top tier sec level for spawns.Also make sure it is 10+ belts the more belts the better.
In such systems the only rare belt spawns you will encounter if you run the belts enough are infested carrier(60 mil bounty), sentient infested carrier(120mil bounty),sentient infested supercarrier (240mil bounty) , hauler spawns and rarely officers.
An infested carrier needs a well skilled thanny /nid pilot with 4 faction dda and t2 fsu to kill solo .
A sentient infested carrier same as above just it’ll do roughly 50% more dmg than regular carrier with slightly more hp.
A sentient infested supercarrier will need either 2 dreadnought or a single supercarrier to kill with anticap fighters.
An officer will need an average skill carrier to kill without any blinged mods.
Npc carriers will web and neut up to 70km with the sentient versions neut cycle being shorter,neuting amount is slightly less than a heavy neut.They also have a very strong shield repair tank and they can go into a ‘rage repair’ phase if they can’t neut or web you anymore.
Officers tho will neut much more-according to my own logs from encountered officers they can deliver equivalent of 30 heavy neuts on top of point web and some good dmg.
Also there’s differences between them-Unit W and F have a weapon similar to artillery while Unit D and P weapon is more similar to autocanons.
Also 1 thing I noticed is that NPC carriers don’t warp disrupt whereas their equivalent in other factions like NPC dreads do warp disrupt.When looking at NPC stats it’s listed as warp disruptor 100km (likely a bug and oversight from CCP).
There’s alot more I could think of adding if you live in dronelands and are curious about your local NPC space fauna feel free to ask either in this thread or via mail ingame.


Thanks for this info - very helpful indeed!

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