Null Sec Combat sites ships


I am flying combat sites (mostly forsaken hubs) in Null,solo.Using a Praxis active tank. It works but not ideal.
Character I am using is low skill. I have a high skill main that I might switch to since ratting is my thing right now. I would not be passive ratting.

Was thinking of RNI as a better option. And working on Carrier skills for long term to max isk.

That sound about right?

It really depends on what area of space you live in and the rats there.

I know that in general nullsec space, Gila/Ishtar are both good combinations.

Gila especially since low SP. I would stick with forsaken hubs until in a capital as the NPC dreadnaught spawns can be deadly to anything other than a carrier.

And even in some cases a carrier can die to the rats.

domi can take 3 hits. enough time to warp of :slight_smile: dread have crazy armorrep and kill light fighter easily, it is loss to fight them with anything else than super or another dread.

i rat with domy sentries. max skills are required for good range and pew pew damage.

Depending on where you are in eve, the dreadnaught’s warp scramble you.

I know Serpentis dreads do this. Angel do not, and not sure of sansha and guristas

oh… im happy that BR don’t scramble then… :sweat_smile: ty for the info.

They don’t target, or scram, immediately. You have plenty of time to see the icon in overview and warp off unless you’re hull taking and have all bulkheads in lows or something.

I live in a great null-sec system. Can’t ask for anything better. I am using a CNR right now. I prefer missiles over drones, other then sentries with missiles.
Rattlesnake worth it?

Ratting in a dread possible? Worth it?

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