Rogue Drone Sites in null

Are Amarr and Caldari battleships able to do regular combat drone anomalies in null sec?

I have Amarr/Caldari BS5. I want to do combat sites in null. But I can’t seem to find any fitting info for this task. I can use t2 energy and missiles. My armor/shield skills are at 5. All PWG/CAP/CPU skills at 5.

Does anyone have fitting suggestions? How big of a tank do I need? And what dps should I aim for? Also, do I need to use target painters with turrets or tracking computers?

I’m in an null sec alliance btw.

Ask in your alliance for ratting fit.

google ship name + ratting or lvl4 missions fit

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Is ratting the same as combat anomalies? I thought ratting was just attacking asteroid rats. Wouldn’t the tactics/fits be different for CA?

Ratting is a generic term for any activity that involves killing rats. This includes belt ratting, anoms, DEDs, missions, sleeper sites, etc…

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