Amarr Null-Sec Ratting/Combat Sites

Hello all,

I have recently joined a corp in Providence and would like to take a crack at the bountiful combat sites/ratting.

I have Amarr Cruisers V and BC IV and T2 Medium Lasers (Beam and Pulse). My drone skills are a little lacking though.

Am I able to solo any of the combat sites in a BC? Should I stick to a certain class of site like Den’s or lower? Should I find something else to do until I can fly a BS?

Any advice would be appreciated

Pod Racer

Maybe something like this:

[Oracle, Kiting Anom Oracle]
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II
Energized EM Membrane II
Energized Thermic Membrane II

Tracking Computer II, Optimal Range Script
Sensor Booster II, Targeting Range Script
Cap Recharger II

Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Microwave L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Microwave L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Microwave L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Microwave L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Microwave L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Microwave L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Microwave L
Tachyon Modulated Energy Beam I, Microwave L

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I
Medium Trimark Armor Pump I

Aim your ship away from the rats and fly away. Melt the ships closest to furthest.

I’ll admit, I rat with a VNI though… so I’m not sure at all how efficient this would be.

One of your option would be to work on your Drone Skills and use the Vexor or VNI to run Hubs, speed tanking and orbiting at 30-40km. Such tactics are common in most areas of player null.

Yeah, the speed tanked VNI is pretty standard. Drop a MTU, orbit it at speed… and you have all the loot close at hand when you’re finished too. But I think the above would work too.

So why are the Drones the better option? Is it that you dont want to sit there getting pounded on by the mobs?

No problem with tracking. Big guns vs small targets are no good and you have to watch your distance etc. Drones are same from 0 to 200 km.
Drones allow you to adjust damage type to your enemy weakspot.
Drones will keep firing even if you are jammed.

On the other hand drones are destroyable and it takes time till they get to the target and back again. VNI or carrier. All other options are no good for ratting ships in null cause of ganks vs isk/hour efficiency.

Pretty much this. And with the right setup for your VNI your Praetor Heavy Drones will still hit frigate sized enemies (since you’re ratting Sansha). That allows for clearing the small ships quickly without switching drone types which gives you better efficiency from your bounty ticks.

Drones set to “aggressive” will keep fighting targets even when your ship is jammed.

So, I’ve started to follow the suggestions to use a VNI and increase my Drone skills.

I am a little disappointed that my Amarr and Energy Turret skills are not viable for PVE content from the sounds of it.

Feels like I skilled into a dead-end.

You could try the Oracle fit I linked (or a T1 variant). By coming it at range and moving away from the rats you should melt them all pretty easily. It’s just not as efficient as a VNI (I think). And there are Amarr drone boats so training drone skills will still help you with many Amarr ships to use for PvP.

The Omen Navy Issue is frankly an awesome ship… but it’s just not as good for PVE as it is for PvP. Great range on the medium lasers and 5 medium drones (unbonused) to add a little extra kick damage wise.

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Your training was not wasted at all. Keep in mind that the purpose of this game is for you to enjoy it, not make the most game currency possible. If you find frying npc with beams of scorching death enjoyable, then doing that is worth more to a player of a game than a bit more virtual monies.

Amarr ships often use drones, albeit as a secondary weapons system as opposed to some Gallente ships that use them as their primary weapons. Also - many ships in eve use at least small drones - so your drone training far from being wasted is something everyone should train up some.

As was suggested, try out the oracle. Seems to be not unpopular with folks ratting sansha. Oracle is battlecruiser that uses large guns, so you will be able to fly it now with medium guns or soon with large guns.

Easiest ----> hardest site

  • (Faction) Burrow / Drone Collection (lowest)
  • (Faction) Hideaway / Drone Cluster
  • (Faction) Refuge / Drone Gathering
  • (Faction) Den / Drone Gathering
  • (Faction) Yard / Drone Surveillance
  • (Faction) Rally Point / Drone Menagerie(Faction) Port / Drone Herd
  • (Faction) Hub / Drone Squad
  • (Faction) Haven / Drone Patrol
  • (Faction) Sanctum / Drone Horde (hardest)
    (Easiest ----------> Hardest)

Hidden > Forsaken > Forlorn>

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