What ship to run Green Sites (Combat Anomalies) / DeD's in low sec 0.1

I have been reading a lot of confusing information as to what ship to use in order to run Combat Anomalies and Combat Signatures in low sec 0.1 space. I found a place that is left untouched, I am running against Thermal and EM damage, however, I am clueless on what type of ship to fly. I prefer to specialize in Amarr but will cross train if I have to. I was told I had to get a battleship for one guy or an Heavy Assault Cruisers, is this accurate?

I assume there is no way for an assault frigate to run those sites. I currently go after rats with my t1 frigate in amarr for low sec in order to get income.

This is probably a decent starting spot:


But as with many things (everything) in Eve it will depend on what sites you’re looking to run. A Sansha Refuge is probably maybe doable in an AF (depending on how much the turrets hurt). Where as the Forlorn/Forsaken Hubs will probably require a BS/T3/possibly HAC.

Once you’ve decided what sites you’re looking to run you can put a fit together based on that, but there are Class 3 -> 8 sites available in low and the difficulty varies greatly between class & faction.


It depends a lot on the site you actually are doing.

Usually the issue is not the rats, but the players who want to hug you so close you can’t breathe.

So you want cheap or agile ship. and/or mjd.

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