Low-Sec sites with a 2 or 3 box question

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I’m planning on trying out low-sec combat site exploration mostly in amarr space away from FW. So far I’ve gathered a few details from browsing the forums, reddit, and so on.

First, it sounds like I should be prepared for combat with difficulties ranging up to a 7/10 DED rating. Is that correct?

Second, until I can sit in a T3c, which will be a while training wise, having a multibox setup might be useful to perform the clearing of these sites. I’m thinking one account does the scanning in a helios and the second/third account has something that can clear the sites. Furthermore, the scanning character can provide intel to avoid larger gatecamps as I navigate through low. For the second (and possibly third account if needed), what is a good recommendation for fielding a cost-effective setup that will be in low-sec amarr space?

So far I’ve thought about either 2 cruisers or 2 battlecruisers each with mwd+cloak for travel and a mobile depot to refit as needed. For now, I’d appreciate recommendations that aren’t too shiny as I expect to lose a few as I learn. Fits below are expecting a decent amount of gun-turret tracking EWar from the rats.

Some ship combos/thoughts:

Drone combos:

Dual vexors: Reasonably cheap, though drone aggro might be somewhat of a pain. Not sure on performance for a DED 6 or 7.

Dual myrmidons: Still cheap, bit more power than the vexors, but drone aggro might be a pain.

Dual dominix: Bit more expensive and sluggish, but does bring the firepower, drone aggro. Decent sniper setup with sentries.

Dual stratios: Bit pricey, but can field a reasonable sniper sentry setup I think with 2 of them.

Missile combos:
I don’t have a ton of experience on missile boats, but I presume that some mixture of caracals up to drakes and ravens would be worthwhile. Any comments here?

Thank you!

No only up to 6/10. The 6/10 is the Crimson Hand Supply depot. I used to run them all the time. A battleship is preferable but you can run it in a t3 that can do more than 500 ish dps (it’s been a while) at more than 50km range to break the Crimson Sentinel. At 50km it webs you… If I’m remembering right, it also has a stronger shield/armor regen inside that range. I used to do it with a Machariel and sit right outside 50km to kill the Sentinel.

The 5/10 is the Blood Raider Psychotropics Depot. This one can be run in a Stratios but it takes way too long. A battleship completely trivializes it though. On this one you can pop the overseer, bookmark the wreck, warp out and wait for the site to despawn to avoid killing everything in the last room.

You can get expeditions for the 5/10 by doing Blood Dens, so it’s a good idea to clear Blood Dens when you’re in a position to do so, like when the system is empty and you have a lot of signatures to scan. Just run them while you scan and you’ll get extra 5/10’s in your journal. Some of the other anomalies escalate to other expeditions. I always run the Blood Hideouts/refuges and some of the other low level ones while scanning and It definitely leads to more sites.

There is one site called the Minor Blood Annex that eats ships. I would stay far away from that one unless you are prepared for it. The Minor one is harder than the regular Annex for some reason.

For ships I would use a t3 and a battleship and keep a frigate in the battleship for doing 1-3/10s. A regular old Tristan works wonders but a worm is even better for the low level sites. On the t3 I’d recommend a covert layout with heavy missiles. I used the Loki but Tengu is great too. Legion is probably fine. For the battleship use whatever you like. I used a Machariel but just about anything works. Dominix is fine. Tank it for EM/Thermal.

Thank you so much for the details. Currently, I will finish my training into vexors for high sec practice then I will start working toward the domi and loki!


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