Nullsec ratting (gurista) suggestions?

I’m coming back to the game after several years away, so although I have many skillpoints (mostly Amarr and Minmatar, and lots of support skills) I’m afraid I’m re-learning ships and fittings from scratch. What would you use for asteroid belt ratting in Gurista nullsec? Alas I cannot fit T2 hybrid weapons or missiles, so I figure T2 projectile weapons are my best bet, with a side of T2 drones, but I’m open to lasers or other alternatives. As a matter of taste, I prefer battleships or battlecruisers, rather than T2 ships like HACs or Maurauders, but here also I’m open to alternatives. I might also want to run some anomalies or signatures if the ship is suitable for that as well.

Ideally you want to ask for fits in your corp or alliance first.

foolproof setup would be vexor > myrmidon > dominix > ishtar/gila. Just google what type of damage you need to deal and what to tank

I use an Ishtar for belt ratting. Mine has a passive shield fit and uses Wasps II. It works great and will kill any non-capital spawn you may run in to in your local belts.

It’s better ISK running the combat sites though, you should see what you’re comfortable with in terms of difficulty, but it’s possible to do Havens & Sanctums in an Ishtar.

They’re faster in a Marauder or carrier though.

My setup is basically, I run Sanctums in a carrier, and my alt goes around in an Ishtar to check the belts and drop the MTUs after the carrier cleans a site.

You could get a typhoon to run anomalies and potentially the escalations(not sure if it can run the escalations)

You may find that your ships will be destroyed by pvpers almost instantly so most important thing is dock up, you can rat some other time anyways…

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