Dronelands - Worst loot tables/rare spawns? Is this balanced?

About me - I farm mostly belts to raise sec status and always farm in a -0.8 or below system.

I used to farm belts in Geminate and I’d get titans, dreads, dread guristas rare spawns, industrial spawns and so far killed 2 lowest tier officers. Basically, in geminate, I could expect a capital or rare spawn to occur every 1-2hrs.

Now that I moved to drone lands, the spawns are completely different and extremely rare. I have yet to see a sentient sub-cap spawn in a belt. I have killed a super carrier, 10 carriers spawns, 1 sentient carrier, and a few industrial spawns. I might get 1 carrier spawn in a day of farming, if im lucky. Furthermore, the carriers just drop drone parts. No sentient modules or faction blueprint copies have dropped for me yet.

So what’s the deal? Drones do not drop any loot besides the rare spawns, and the ships aren’t worth salvaging unless it’s a rare spawn. So why are drones getting the shaft? How is this balanced? The drones offer no higher bounty then other npc’s yet are less rewarding.

looks as though this is over 2 years like this…

i think that explains it in that particular post.

Venal is right next door. Guristas space.

I live in drones and i can say its shite.
Ratting is a total waste of time.
I live there because my friends are here thats it.
I had another toon in fade omg what a difference way more isk.
Not sure what the best answer is but at least with drones being ■■■■ space we dont have to fight like hell to keep it.
I can mine in peace.

I used to live in Malpais, and the lower trusec systems there were pretty good for officer farming once you worked out the spawns etc. Many Unit whatevers found and farmed.

Can’t say I’ve been out in PF much other than for fights, so yeah YMMV.

Funny you should say that i got an office spawn last week.
1st 1 ever :grin:

But if drone space is low on the list of “the best space”

What is the best space???

Hmm. It tends to be a bit of “swings and roundabouts”. Much of dronelands can’t be blopsed from NPC Null, so Malpais, The Spire, Oasa, Outer Passage are pretty safe from enemy incursions, barring filaments and wormholes. So, with active rollers and standing fleet protecting the entrances it’s pretty safe to roll with big toys. That safety comes at a cost of zero loot drops (rip drone poop) barring officers. It makes steady, if unspectacular, income.

As for what the best space is in terms of raw earning, in null these days you’re probably looking at Delve - more for the combination of Sov and NPC null for varied incomes. I know Venal is popular too. But, really, it’s Pochven, even though it’s damned risky it’s highly lucrative.

Yeah pochven is good i fly in there a fair bit.
If we get a good c5 hole thats the best income of the lot.
Just im not sure if i could b bothered living in a wh full time.
Null compared to poch or c5 its just no contest.
I would rather do aybss in hs than rat in null

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