Officer drops always been that bad?

I spent my last months in this game occasionally hunting for officers, but the 5 I’ve got haven’t been all that exciting. Did CCP nerf the loottables, have these been always this crappy or am I incredibly unlucky with the loot?


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Beautiful drop


CCP is always … ‘cough’ … adjusting … ‘cough’ … the loot tables.

Anyway, all I see is a lot of green and purple, definitely better than getting Metal Scraps…


No changes, the loot tables are stacked against you. There’s a reason why that you don’t half of eve fighting each other over clearing those officer sites, in most cases.

go hunting escalation sites in the DED1-3 equiv difficulty range in high sec, and you get the same results. 90% of the common drops are the worthless green items, and very rarely do the 100m+ modules drop.

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What was estimated value per?

the last one was like 150mil.

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That’s not terrible but for their rarity that isnt worth it yeah.

Do you have any tips on where to find the officer spawns? I kinda wanna spend time hunting on sisi to see how this goes…

Welcome to high sec, where the loot drops are far more profitable :rofl:

why would you waste time on sisi for this? Officers spawn largely in Stain, Venal, Fountain and in Delve for what I know. No idea about the drone and minmatar ones… You go in a system with a considerably large number of belts and relentlessly farm them, killing all spawns over and over again. After maybe a week or two you’ll get one, might take longer or shorter tho, its random. They are incredibly strong, you’ll need a carrier for killing it, or a couple of friends.

So pretty much, go to these regions lowest sec rating and kill the belt rats over and over until you get lucky with a spawn?

As for why on SISI- well I wont be able to do this with out getting into a null block, I want to experience it in some fashion and SISI can do that with zero risk.

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I don’t think sec status has something to do with this. Just check the stats of Kaikka for example: Kaikka Peunato | Ship | zKillboard
He seems to spawn all over Venal no matter the sec status.

Sec status does have an effect, but all NPC is treated as -1.0 truesec

Maybe but not bad at all though

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