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Hunting for rare spawns in belts in 0.0 has lured a great deal many players with promises of riches and it has lured me aswel.

My base of operations is in sov null and thus not optimal especially for officer spawns which as I understand and seen firsthand is best in npc controlled nullsec.

In my 11 years of EVE I encountered 4 officers 2 in curse 1 venal 1 delve so I am scheptical on possible spawn in my little corner of null.

What has been your experience on this after the officers can’t spawn after downtime change?

My current belt rampaging over a couple of days yealded 11 capItal npcs no supercaps 2 hauler spawns and no battleship commanders as in true sansha/dark blood/domination etc and definatly no officers

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isn’t the chances of officer spawns down to the trusec of the system you are in, the lower the better, although from my admittedly poor understanding, eventhen the chances are low


Yes and all npc controlled null is counted as -1.0 by the system that means sov delve is all-1.0 as is sov fountain etc but a region like say period basis has the sec status as displayed and varied

it maybe showing duff info, or reading it wrong but dotlan shows NPC delve as less trusec than the rest of it - - I am not saying that is accurate, ive never done what you are doing.

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It’s all considered -1.0 in delve by the system dotlan lies :slight_smile:

haha, ok then. good luck with your officer spawns

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The only system in delve with -1.0 truesec is 3-d. The reason npc space doesn’t have as much of a chance for officer spawns or as many -1.0 systems is the reason why (some) people fight for space. You will find no better space to find officer spawns than Sov -1.0 truesec. The in-game display is what lies. I have lived and killed officers everywhere but npc nullsec. Cause there wasn’t a bats chance in Alaska you would find an officer there. Not to say it isn’t possible. It just wasn’t likely.

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I did actually get an officer spawn in outer ring one time, but I did not have the dps to kill it unfortunately.

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Yes that system in delve is where I found my delve officer a Tairei I believe it was top belt too.
Me and my Corp had been purging the belt npcs every 30 min or so for several days of course not 23 hours a day more lik 8-10 hours daily .
It neuted out my napoc in less than a minute luckly we had several carriers ready and out ratting

Some behaviour is becoming aparent.
After killing a special spawn be it hauler,capital npc, commander most npc groups will revert to their lowest ‘strengh’ which for my -9 system appears to be 3 battlecruisers and 3 destroyer /frigate.

Ocasionaly before a special spawn is encountered I will have spawns which I am engaging in a different belt warp off-this particular behaviour was mentioned to me as ‘sign of special spawn incoming’ as early as 2011-2012 by older players. However to my disappointment recently I’ve also had rats warp off without finding any special spawn afterward despite checking all belts and gates.

Another plain fact is I am not finding any battleship commanders whereas before capital npc spawns were added you could find quite a few by running belts,hauler spawns seem to have dwindled in numbers aswel thus far my tally is up to 14 capital rats 2 hauler no commander no officer,all my capital spawns were accompanied by cruisers escort.
, Another interesting bit was finding 2 separate capital spawns just 2-3 minutes apart in different belts

Managed to bag a supercap npc kill today along with 2 more caps and a hauler spawn ,not a bad haul for 1 person

I’ve played for a few years and never tried this. Will have to start touring the belts now.

What sort of ship and fit are you using to take carriers and leaders out?

Gl and keep us posted on your progress o/

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I use 2 gila with cyno and a nyx on standby.
Gilas are just usual passive shield regen fit.

@CCP_Falcon may I ask who is in charge of npc balancing or can you point them to my following question.

Why have npc commander battleships(not officer) been removed from belt spawns in 0.0
I am currently at nearly 50 special spawns yet only capitals and haulers .

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CCP Falcon rarely ever responds to his name being tagged, probably have more luck tagging an ISD member and ask them to relay the question to the proper development team.

I’m thinking Commander NPC’s are probably coded for Anomalies and Expeditions.

I can confirm they definitely spawn at gates too. Not sure about belts though.

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Whats the name of the supercap NPC?

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