NPC Capitals in NPC space

Can anyone confirm if NPC capitals spawn in NPC space. Looking at the NPC kills in Stain on Zkillboard ( ) , the only one I can see wasn’t in an asteroid belt, but was maybe from an anomaly. I appreciate that these are NPC kills of players rather than the other way around, but it does give an insight as to whether they spawn or not. If they don’t why not?

;TLDR Do NPC Capital ships spawn in belts and/or anoms in NPC space.

NPC capitals can spawn in NPC null security space.

Thanks for the reply. Given that I can only see kill reports by Sansha’s Dreadnoughts (none in Stain asteroid belts but lots in sov space) is there any way you can give some information on how many have spawned in asteroid belts and anoms in Stain please? I would have though there would be more kills by Dreadnoughts if they were spawning. Are the mechanics exactly the same (i.e. chance of spawn) between sov and npc space?

Thanks for your intelligent reply.

Quoting something from 5yrs ago on reddit

They don’t spawn in any “home region” so like venal, syndicate, curse, stain and delve. it just so happens that delve is the only home region with regular null sec in


Yes, I’ve heard that they don’t hence this post - strange that CCP think they do!

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode Hi, not sure if you saw my reply but it does seem strange that there are none on the KB (going back to 2019) so please can you let me know if there are differences to spawning mechanics in NPC space vs sov space. I’ve had quite a few officer spawns but never a capital.

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