Faction capitals and belt rats

would like to see some new npc belt rats.
maybe officer titans and dread spawns with officer dread and titan mods.
Also faction capital spawns should have a reasonably small chance to drop the faction capital bpcs. including the titan.

why? because belt ratting is one of the oldest professions in eve and it needs love.
Also it would be nice for there to be a activity that can reward solo or single account players with potential huge rewards.
Also bring back belt ratting .

There was artwork on a sisters of eve capital being done recently. Waiting for the “devblog” right now.

we do not need any more officer faucets. also capital rats do drop the serp BPCs something that is being changed because ccp feels shipyards are a better way to seed them.

belts in general need to be buffed drastically for non carriers.

i always liked to think of the belt dreads and supers as big game hunting pve like bosses.
actual sites kind of suck cause you have to do a million of them and it really cuts into what you can use a dread for. capitals for all the time they take to get should really have equal capability for pve to recoup their costs.
as is dreads do not have that capability really.

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capitals do not in any way need to be balanced for pve

As far as I found through some stubborn belt ratting I did instead of something better capital spawns are pretty frequent if you murder all the rats fast enough but normal commander rats are silly rare perhaps cap npcs with their higher chance are taking over the spawns?
The added value to belt ratting I feel is ok at least in null you do your anoms or mining or whatever and check the belts every so often,unless you have like 20-30 belts

You mean the Angels capitals? The one with the ‘crab’ Titan and ‘vag’ Dreadnought?

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please that dread was ripped right out of sins of a solar empire. something i find amusing since it was right after they forced the sins mod to shut down

I was on one of my EVE hiatuses at the time, so I couldn’t comment other than someone had posted some concept art that looked cool.

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then remove the ability completely for carriers and supercarriers to be used for pve since its their primary use.

A Sisters of EVE capital ship would be pretty cool. I don’t have a problem with some new capitals. Here’s hoping we get a few more sub-capitals as well…


maybe i need to rephrase that.

NO ship in any way needs to be balanced for PvE.

all ships should only be balanced for pvp and PvE needs to be balanced for the ships. balancing ships for PvE is one of the reasons carriers are so crap right now

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If rats ran true PvP fits, there were fewer of them (with more rewards and salvage) and things like EW actually worked PvE would be more akin to PvP. I for one would welcome it.


it’s about the one thing ccp at least looks to be moving in the right direction with

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