Nullsec ratting and Capital/Super Capital spawns?

what decides a capital spawn?
my understanding is as follows

-0.5 sec no capital rats
-0.6–0.7 need SOV upgrades 5 to spawn capital rats
-0.8 always spawns capital rats & rates climb with sov upgrades
0.9-1.0 always spawn capitals and supers with higher odds with additional sov upgrades

but i feel as though something has changed. more so when capital rats have been a daily issue ever since i came back to null, some days we will kill 10+ caps and a super rat. and I’m at a loss because some of these systems it should be impossible for even 1 to spawn. let alone several.

is this system documented? does anyone know the actual numbers? or is it just sheer dumb luck + upgrades that decide it.

I think people with caps would love it if carebear space was always spawning capitals.

A faint memory of me has a Domination Titan (faction supercap) spawning on our mining op and nuking our orca in -0.5 space, and myself losing a frigate to a sentient supercarrier (again faction supercap) in -0.2, but those were a long time ago. This poor ishtar on the other hand had it’s afk farm interrupted by a faction titan in -0.3 sec only last week.

Capitals, faction capitals, supercaps and faction supercaps spawn at a given chance, with increases as security approaches true highsec, whether there’s a SOV update installed or not doesn’t influence the spawn propability.

my first time i had a true Sansha dread spawn on my new player vexor navy in Providence. like a month in eve total then. was not fun.

but yeah, we’ve had supers and caps dropping on ops or a bit.
the same moon op has had 3 different supers spawn. in the 3 pulls its actually been terrible for the miners. its a whole new level of fear when you hear the “sentient super in moon belt” for the 3rd op in a row.

we need them to stop. because people wont hit the 60b moon because we assume its a 100% chance a faction super carrier rat spawns because that has been the case so far on every op.

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