Patch Notes Question

Adjustments have been made to the respawn rates of certain nullsec anomalies. These adjustments are part of a gradual ongoing process that will see further tweaks for this type of content.

What does this mean exactly, I can not find any mention of what changes have been made and what their long term plan is supposed to be?

Looks like they just increased the respawn time of Havens from 5 to 10 minutes. Some people report longer respawn times for Hub variations and Sanctums as well but I couldn’t confirm that so far.

Aha , so no changes to cosmic sigs then they are trying to slow down the ticks from anoms


The whole shocking part of that statement was Nullsec, because I figured it was happening everywhere.

well CCP obviously think people are making to much isk on them. What I find laughable right now is the rorq changes from a few releases ago.

It seems they are slowly “and sneaky” reducing peoples income streams

Its targeted towards goons ability to extract from system what can be extracted. The upper limit to what can be extracted, in means of bounties and ore, was and is still too high.

We are gradually leveling play fields. Then time will come when fighting in space, looting, and raiding null from low sec and wormholes will be the most profitable activity. All the riches will be redistributed with bloodshed. :smiling_imp:

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This is what frustrates me is this is being applied to Goons income but it effects everyone else at the same time so because goons are very efficient in what they do we all have to pay. to make isk is getting ridiculous

You are doing much supercarrier ratting every day on multiple accounts? If not, it doesnt affect you really so much.

well… before systems with -0.9-1.0 index were able to handle 3 supers +1 carrier or subcap(talking about drone regs). with present changes I’m afraid 2 supers will be the cap =(

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