Does anyone have more information on the 'changes to nullsec anoms'?

CCP said there would be changes to nullsec anoms but CCP worded it so vaguely it could literally mean just about anything. Does anyone know what is being changed?

They extended the respawn timers for Havens in the first round. They will do the same this time as well for another anom or make Havens respawn even slower.


Devblog says that there’s a change to 0.0 anom respawn rate, so what’s exactly the change?
Haven’t seen it in devblog itself, neither in the forum/information portal
I’ve heard people say that its the Haven getting cranked down to 6min respawn, is that it?

Just like the last time CCP leaves that to users to figure out. Last time, Haven respawn timer was increased to 10 minutes. Interestingly enough all Havens, also the unattractive and harder to run gas Havens. This time they will very likely do the same: Increase Haven respawn to 15 minutes or do that to Sanctums or to other popular anoms. They also did something to after DT respawn patterns to some anoms as they do not respawn fully restocked anymore.

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hmm sry im new to the forum and i indeed did not see such reminder
presumably bad network is to blame
thanks for the link and info

Sorry if it came across a bit harsh, it was not directed at you personally. I see this blue popup all the time when I want to create a new topic and it usually never gives me helpful information. I had hoped that this thing would have shown up here to give you the linked topic which has a very similar title to yours … It’s supposed to reduce redundancy but it’s not working at all by the looks of it.

I was watching one particular null system for about month. NPC kill count was almost always between 0 and 100. When I came into that system it has had no anomalies, no signatures, just nothing. It is a soverenity hold null , not some NPC null space. And I am pretty much sure no one cleared anomalies before me (8 killed NPC on last 24 hour according to Dotlan map). So I think they did changed null sec anomalies spawn for all anomalies, not only heavens or sanctums.

no offense taken, im fine with that
seems that the redirect system doesnt work as intended
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it seems that well implemented BBS does have some benefits
anyway, a bit off topic,
how does the anom respawn mechanics generally work?
i saw that happened for 1 or 2, but im not sure about it

given the time you posted this, i assume that you entered the system right after DT
it does happen sometimes, it takes a few mins or so for them to come back
ive seen that in FW area, so im sure this sort of thing does happen

yea… just don touch sanctums…

Nice try, but I posted much later. The time I was there is about 23:00 eve time. And guess what: today is the same. One WH (hurau!) but no other sigs or anomalies. And I am pretty much sure most NPC kills in the system were from my belt ratting experiment. So no one cleared anomalies. And even if Dotlan is wrong and someone does cleared all of them before I log in - I thought null sec system must have some, at least very basic should respawn after they were cleared.

I suggest filling a bug report then
today i kinda witnessed a bug in FW area
the timer ticks, but the UI does not move, and theres no spawn of faction rat
i think something’s broken sometimes
BTW this bug happened after the March update

PLZ DELETE THIS! it is not a bug it is featutre!

go away.jpg
this is apparently a feature that they mentioned in update notes but then require ourselves to test it out

Rally points take 20 minutes.

Yeah I’ve just submitted a bug report on this. I think they forgot the fact that your systems ADM is directly impacted by number of rats killed.

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