Ice spawn times changed?

Does anyone know if the ice spawn times in highsec have changed? I’ve seen a number of instances recently where they are several hours later than they should be. Has anyone else encountered this?

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It’s a five hour spawn time by all accounts now.

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I wish it was 55 hours at least…

I wish they would randomize it. You’ll never know if it’s 3 hours, 5 hours, 4 hours, 2 hours, etc… Would help get rid of the multiboxer/bot fleets since they couldn’t use predictable respawn times as a schedule.


because they cant have a look into the system every hour?
without doupt it would be a step in the right direction
whats needet is wandering ice anomalies with a LOT LESS in in total and lot more roids, moving the rest of ice mining also to moonmining with a cap per system/constellation/region
and take away any mining drone bonus from the orca
that afk orcas are terrible

but a question for me is… where and when is that change in respawn timers for the ice anomalies communicated from CCP to us the customers and players?


Who is “they”? The collective mind of ice miners? “They” don’t need to look into it every hour. Other people look at different times. If they find one it’s good, if not then not. You’re being fooled by the idea that “they” are a coherent group. They’re not.

Randomizing it would be a pretty simple, yet pretty effective change.

Apparently it isn’t. Good. The only ones who require this information are botters and alarm clock farmers and these guys can go ■■■■ themselves.

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“they” are the mentioned multiboxed mining fleets…
i runned a small one for mystelf and just looking in the system if you know the timers is not a big deal. you can even see the anomalies without undocking in the agency these days and stay with an char clocked somwhere monitoring probescanner window

randomising timers would not prevent the farmers from farming… just bit more anoying and little bit more effort needet

and no WE THE CUSTOMER need that information about changes… its jcalled patchnotes and devblogs in the old days… its just rude to call it “chaos aera” its realy hard to know is it a bug a wanted change a script hickup or whats goning on, the botter wil get that information no matter what you do but the real people are realy pissed off by this

we had some random 5h respawn timers in the last year happening some days… was it intentional? no! was it a bug? yes, how can we know and tell other people arrond? even not multiboxer and botter need a proper information base to not be confused.

i for my part could easy deal with that 5h timers and even 2h or 3h or random systems no problem but i would realy like to know about even to just tell others,

ccp have, has (and probably will) have a bad information “policy” but that stuff makes it even worse, changes have to be in the notes so we even can look it up later and post it to other players so they also know and can spread the information.

ands if someone read this from CCP: patchnotes have to be online and linked in the launcher also as a tile on patchday to DT and not hours later or never or maybee edited on the bottom of a multo page patchnote with date on it^^

its not agile continous development to throw out changes is just lazy, rude, and thread your customers as you dont like them

Fair. You’re right.

Ignoring that self entitlement and the embarrassing and absolutely irrelevant and immature idiocy of calling it “rude”, making you sound like a whiny princess, answer me these:

  • What exactly do you need them for?
  • Why exactly do you need them?

The rest of the post doesn’t actually address that. You’re just typing words that have no actual connection to you. There’s a reason why you call it “rude” and that reason is a personal reason, which you’re not touching.

These words don’t fit your behaviour. Why do you need to know about it? Why would you need to tell others about it? Everyone can see for himself, just fine. Why are you needed?

Please at least try to manage answering my question truthfully. I can tell you that, with absolute certainty, nowhere in this are you required, or needed, to know about changes. At all. Your personal feelings aren’t relevant, but as you’re bringing them up you should absolutely give at least an explanation that actually touches on your personal feelings considering that they’re the reason you believe you’re entitled to know about changes.

A dozen edits later: I shouldn’t post with ten other things on my mind at the same time. And please know that “because it’s rude” is not an answer, because that only tells us that their behaviour does not go well with your expectations, causing an emotional reaction.

Also, examples like “what if they did that to pvp” aren’t going to work either, because CCP would not add some random element that potentially causes destruction and tons of support tickets. This timer change doesn’t do any harm at all. I thought I’d cover this, just to make sure you won’t come up with it.


to tell others about evey dam day! in helpchannels and other coms, have reliably informationbase to tell the truth seperated from the trolling, old overcome knowing, wrong informations

do you know that little project called Eve Uni Wiki?^^ its there to have exactly that function…

i got an player these week who was screaming about the tiericided armor reppers arent in the uni wik fitting… 3d after ptachnote… at least we got patchnotes about (and thanks we got these times the old numbers in brackets)
i am not mining these days but to know the icetimers arent 4h now would be nice to know dont you think^^ same goes for ore anomaly respawns in nullsec, yield/h for moonmining, that Secret Strip Miner I Bonus one special MLU have

but sure… its Chaos Era^^

patchnotes about changes (or devposts) and fixed bug informations written down are something you just can trust and link to others cutting down senseless discussions often and post knowlege to everyone who even can spred it further.
its not giving botters advantages its giving the interessted players easy informationbase and dont let them hunt in the darkness

i understand the need of sometimes not giving hard numbers but those little thinks are anoying as hell

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When no one knows, then there’s nothing to tell. Everyone can find out for himself. No need to write anything down. Exact documentation of every single little thing makes the game more boring and predictable. Not saying that “no documentation” would be a good thing, of course.

At least at first, because someone will figure it out and post it somewhere. Those who can’t be arsed to look for information themselves are the ones who pull the short straw.

You know, I kind of understand your point, but what you think is necessary really actually isn’t. It just makes things worse in the long run.

Also, remember one important aspect: Not telling people about these changes messes with bots. Botters can’t adapt their bots to changes and thus things break, or repetetive behaviour is being exposed.

I’m on my second 0.5L cup of coffee. It’s just one shot of espresso I keep mixing with water, but it’s really noticable that I haven’t had one in a while PLUS I’m all over the place right now. I apologize for my million edits. :blush:

I say CCP should pick 2 or 3 random days every week where no ice spawns. You waste enough of a botter’s time and eventually they will move on.

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the problem is you cant be sure is it intentional is it a bug is it a balancing change its anoying as hell and for a helper every day this is bad… eve is a komplex world its not needet to be more hard by hiding informations that simple^^

that little detail who was changes 6 month ago to find in the wall of text in the notes is not realy “well documented” but if you know it you can link and find it and if you pay attention you can see is the bug fixed and you even can help ccp to find bugs if you know about or tell other players this behaivior is not intentioned. (you know the known issues thread every patchnote)

the 5h timer of icebelts was a special thing who was a script issue running the respawns in the last year as they changed the anomalie spawns in nullsec… if its now changed everywhere how can i be sure its intentional and not hitting the f12 button … oh well i could find a random thead in the forum or reddit and talk to others right?^^

CCP is absolutely a nightmare with customer communications, you have to monitor all sorts of channels to get the dam informations you should have in the first place directly

patchnotes, devblogs, forum, reddit, discord, twitter, slack, hoboleaks, stream interviews, yt community postings, e-mails, ingame notifications, mailinglisten— thats just a mess

did you know they took out the tutorial vids from the helpwindow?
well the exploration vids how to scan with probes was used every day more as once in helpchat to get the new players trugh the out of date career agent missions.
was or is it a bug?

i cant take abandoned drones into my dronebay these days, is it a bug, a feature, an intentional ui change or change in gamemechanic someone forgott to put in the notes?
how can i know?

is that red dot ding dong every time i salvage or loot something intentional that anoying and driving my into hate the world or a bug?
where is the soundsetting or it? (well its hidden right because we players dont deserve a goog settings menu)
is that +7 red overlay on my neocom totaly obscuring my well working cargo icon intentional? or should it run to 9 or 254?
should i make a bugreport, tell others its intentional or a bug and will go away or is ccp again screwing up the customers intentinal? or troll us or a new ui designer or manager or what ever?

I couldn’t find anything in the patch notes of the last few months. I guess it’s just a bug than.

Btw. Isn’t it nowadays totally easy to get ice spawn informations from the agency? There are also a few Ice channels, where pilots exchange spawn informations.

The only thing I would change is the total reset for the spawn time after the downtime.
To finish an ice belt two minutes before the downtime and then have the full spawn ten minutes later ist a bit much.

you beat bots and something on other fronts as hiding informations and we talk here about a simple timer ^^

as they shuted down evelopedia it was a sad day for all of us players^^
other games got ingame wiki systems and information gatering companions these days to help players along the game and let them focus on the gameplay and enjoyment of it (and the gfx)
all we got is tabbing out of the game and start google searching?

That stupid remark is unworthy of you and I’m not going to dignify it with a proper response, because then I’d have to call you a stupid moron for even bringing it up. You know exactly why ships show their stats, because otherwise people lose ships. It’s something completely different, even if you don’t want to acknowledge it.

You don’t lose ships because of a change to spawn mechanics. You can’t just generalize the lack of patch notes about something onto everything.

Don’t try pulling that ■■■■ again, you’re making yourself look even worse than you already look!

Fact of the matter is that no amount of whining is going to change that, in the future, there will be things you will not be told about in advance! When you can’t deal with that, then how do you even manage to get through your days? You don’t? Okay!

No, what it is, is you not comprehending the difference. There’s a huge amount of gameplay involved when it comes to ships, fittings and their stats. Fitting ships is gameplay. Knowing the stats is vital for survival. Knowing the stats is vital for actually playing the game.

There’s exactly zero gameplay involved when it comes to knowing the spawn timers. Zero. There is actually more gameplay involved when people do not know the timers (because they have to look) compared to when they know them (because they stay logged off until the alarm rings). When people know when the ice spawns, the game play starts the moment they log in right after their alarm rang.

Don’t be so one dimensional and simple minded, Lucas.

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cough agency cough

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