Ice Spawn Glitches

Has anyone else noticed some glitches with Ice spawns… Yesterday w had the ice belt spawn empty until we all warped away and back. Then the qty m3 per rock was lower than recent 95 ish vs 125 ish. Then today the ice spawn after reboot was cleared in 50 min. It’s now over 7 hrs later and now respawn of the belt.



ps Ice - Finally spawned after 7hrs and 20 at top of an hour.

pretty sure ice spawns are between 6-8hrs so any time between that window is normal

Clearly there is an over abundance of ice.

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I cant wait until this ends and i can really play the game again. my alts in null have really not felt this change at all. we are still doing just about the same things. massive fleets cap, sub-cap, and supers. but my mains in LS and FW. the costs are straggling.

Now I will also say i understood why this has done and i actually have been enjoying things being shacked up. im just ready for it to end lol

Doubtful it does. CCP loves the results and most players have found it to be a great thing.

CCP is happen that it has done what they wanted it too, but they are well aware its not sustainable and never intended it to be.

as for players I have not heard a single person say they are happy with the state the game is in, there are ones like me who understand why it was done, and think it was needed. but none that think it will be good to stay in this state.

will we see the same levels as before? i doubt it but it will be lifted and be no where near as bad as it is now.

Why would it not be sustainable?

Thats because you surround yourself with ice-miners. If you surround yourself with anyone else, they will tell you why it is good for the game.

I’m in ls on my main and null on my capital alt.

This change has barred small groups from flying capitals and made it extremely hard to justify anything bigger than bc

Why would ice spawning less, make it hard for you to fly capitals?

Do you need to re- read the conversed? The discussion wasn’t limited to ice spawning but scarcity in general.

As for ice mining in general I would lower the amount per belt but bring the belts down to spawning between 1-2hr even if it kept the total ice in a 24hr period the same.

And Cypherpuss said exploding ice was dumb.

Ha I knew I was right.

Oh. Okay. So how has scarcity in general made you harder to fly capitals?

Im actually okay with this, but it wouldnt change anything. People will still complain about how little the ice is in the ice belts, because spawning every 1-2 hours means each ice belt will only contain a fraction of what it usually has.

People will still complain about “This is so stupid, I used to be able to log in once a day and mine a decent amount, but now I have to log in every 2 hours and mine a small amount. CCP is trying to make things more difficult and boost their numbers by having people log in multiple times a day, like daily quests or something!!!”

Imagine if you could target and shoot regular weapons at ice and ore, and they exploded, damaging everything near it. And it would also destroy the ice/ore and make it unminable. That would be so interesting.

I know right!

Imagine if Mining lasers could damage modules too.

Imagine if there was creative uses for things!

Some people cant and thats why they think these ideas are “dumb”.

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