Ice Spawning

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Hello and good day CSM people,

When ice was changed into a anomaly belt, I suggested that ever Region have x amount of ice anomalies per day.

The way CCP has ice anomalies right now there are whole regions of space that don’t spawn ice for days, weeks or even longer. This is unacceptable.

Once again I will bring this to the CSM people. Get CCP to spawn x amount of ice anomalies per region ever day. If a region of space does not spawn ice that region can not make fuel or do reactions. Yes they can import the ice but that does not help with the mining index.

Please bring this forward to CCP since CCP plans on removing normal belts and making them all anomalies like the ice. I would hate to think that WHOLE Regions of space wouldn’t have Ore because CCP can not fix anomaly spawning. Also if CCP removes normal ore belts I will 100% walk from this game. Yes normal ore belts are pointless right now but I hope they get fixed and this game becomes worth playing again.


We’ve raised the ice issue on a number of occasions.


Thank you for that @Brisc_Rubal but till something is done it does not matter. If CCP does not understand why this bad, then there are HUGE issues inside of CCP.

Don’t get me wrong I think ice moving around is great but ever Region should always have ice spawns daily in different systems.

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Preaching to the choir. Like I said, the issue has been raised, many, many times.


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