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The March release sees the introduction of the first part of Skills on Demand, with changes to skill pricing coming in a later release. As part of the fight against botting and RMT, this release also places all level 4 and 5 missions behind the requirement to have an Omega state account. The March release also includes adjustments to nullsec anomaly respawn rates , as well as a massive list of fixes for audion and graphics, structures and EVE Online’s user interface.

March 2019 Release - Known Issues
March 2019 Release - Known Issues & Feedback Thread (Mac)
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  • Adjustments have been made to the respawn rates of certain nullsec anomalies. These adjustments are part of a gradual ongoing process that will see further tweaks for this type of content.
    would be good if you actually said what the change was. (was it faster respawn time, or longer respawn time)

(Ezra Endashi) #4

I was typing the exact same question while your post poped up… :grin:

Also, what are those certain nullsec anomalies? Relic and Data sites? Ghost sites?

(Tenanye Aele) #5

Yes, I have a lot of questions about this too.

(nyxoftorment) #6

lol. I don’t know why they wouldn’t say what the change was.

(Astro Agnon) #7

I think one of the biggest impacts would be the rock havens, increase the amount of time one respawns., That would hit the Supers hard

(Rivr Luzade) #8

Easy answer:

  • Sanctums are now on a 15 minute respawn timer.
  • Forsaken Hubs are now on a 18 minute respawn timer.
  • Havens are on a 20 minute respawn timer.
  • Forsaken Rally Point seems to be around 15 minutes now (or more, see below)

(Analius Glover) #9

What about Havens? Was the respawn time changed?

(Rivr Luzade) #10

Haven’t been able to finish one yet. I update the above post when I have managed that.

It also appears to be that Forsaken Hubs are on an even longer respawn timer.

(Analius Glover) #11

That is radicolous that such important mechanics are not properly announced. Reminds me last super dps nerf when ppls get really pissed

(nyxoftorment) #12

when are you going to nerf incursions ?

(stephan Rin) #13

rally points also seem to have changed times as i have been waiting for 10 mins on a respawn already

EDIT 20 mins have past no signs of any of them returning, why would you make the respawn times so long on them if there is a max of 4 in a system

EDIT 2 30 minutes and it has finaly respawned

(Rivr Luzade) #14

Yay, so a single VNI can ruin your entire day. Next step achieved of CFC to ruin “your day”. Thanks CCP and GSM.

(nyxoftorment) #15

all we hear about is supers supers supers when one could just get 3-4 vni’s and get around the same amount (but that would get more money for ccp) then they say its because of bots (bots don’t sit at the computer to wait for the anomaly to respawn)

(Vovan SK) #16

This changes are only harms actual players as you have to sit and watch anomaly window for 20 min or someone else will take it. Bots don’t care

(Rivr Luzade) #17

Well, CCP is actively trying their best to push people into botting. The UI punishes you for not using NEAR2, now anom respawn punishes you for not using either the biggest ship and drive everyone out of a system or several smaller ships to drive big things out of the system and merrily bot away because you don’t care.

But what can you expect … :roll_eyes:

By the way. Havens seem to be on an at least 20 minute respawn timer now.

cues the timer for CCP Falcon starting to whine about how people complain about CCP doing something to limit ISK influx as people demanded :facepalm: Will it be longer or shorter than a Haven respawn timer?

(Analius Glover) #18

20 min for Havens wow…

(Astro Agnon) #19

Havens are 20 mins?

(Rivr Luzade) #20

Yes they are.