Keynote Chat

NPE & Career Agents
Skill Plans
Expert Systems

Twitch chat getting pissed…

This stuff is important, but it’s not want existing players want to hear right now.

Ugh. I’m getting worried

best twtich chat comment: “Someone call Will Smith”
Tons of F’s in chat during the recap

Honestly, there was some good stuff in there. Wished CCP spent more time concentrating on the good stuff though. Many players would have been disappointed regardless, but CCP didn’t do themselves any favor by talking about stuff like the NPE.


I was just thinking the same thing

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Running List of what was talked about:

  • NPE and Career Agents
  • Skill Plans
  • Expert System
  • Removal of Attributes (no word on how it would work)
  • UI (some of it actually looked cool)
  • Eve Anywhere
  • Localization (including Spanish)
  • Filler Content (i.e. Member wars? Member Battles? Member invasions?)
  • Moving away from quadrants
  • Graph porn justifying resource scarcity and redistribution
  • Import data directly into excel (lol. I think this one got the most cheers)
  • Improving Visual Experience
  • Old Foundational Investments: Cleaning up Technical Deft, 64 bit client, Native MacOS Client, DX9 Deprecation, Bringing Out Eve’s Colors, Reflections
  • New Foundational Investments: DX12, High Resolution Nebulas, Mesh Level of Details Improvements, Improved Lighting, Better Engine Trails, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, FreeSync
  • Eve Product Vision: (1) I Belong Here, (2) Cruel But Fair, (3) Vibrant Metropolis (hopefully, Ratatti will clarify what this means)
  • Heraldry- Alliance Logos and Patterns, Holograms that grow based upon achievements (i.e. Standings), Better Killmarks, Ship Attachments?, Projections?, Structure Skins, Heraldry can be bought with Interbus Credits (can only be earned, can’t be bought, traded or Sold, Omega boost to IBC earned)
  • Multi Account Benefits- i.e. Improved Launcher Experience (Going too fast)
  • Stronger Organizations-
  • Strategic Commitment- Universe Changes (will go into more detail tomorrow)
  • Faction Warfare:
    • FW is primary focus for possibly the next few years
    • New Allegiance System will allow you to align yourself with faction of choice (don’t have to join a FW corp, may include pirate factions at some point).
    • Achieving faction objectives gives rewards
    • Outcomes are not guaranteed.
    • Capturing space will change it (i.e. frontline system, rearguard system, Command Operations → new content, unique traits and tactical value, talking fast)
    • Further updates to structures
    • Will go into more detail later
  • Updating Docking/Hangar Experience
  • Future Expansions will be based on story arcs.
    • Players will impact how and when new ships, modules, and features come into existence.
    • First arc has started.
    • CCP won’t tell us what’s up. We have to find the clues, and figure out how to progress the arc. Every arc will be unique
    • Universe will feel more more alive
    • Will discuss more tomorrow
  • More focus on Eve Lore
  • Regular Releases and Events
  • First video definitely had clues about current story arc. Not sure about the second video (possibly related to the new allegiance system)

And some loud mouthes shouting from the audience…


Life is funny, yesterday I read the nice Guardian article about WoD failure, watching this presentation is like seeing that article again in my mind.

CCP is so disconnected from the public, they think too much of themselves and the little they deliver summed to a culture of delivering half assed stuff and abandoning.

I feel sorry to the people that reserved the time to go there, it’s all the same old, same old.

I’m not one to ask for heads, but it’s clear the game director is so disconnected from reality it may be time for new blood. I don’t think EVE is gonna survive after vets getting tired at this rate, and CCP for sure is making it very hard for vets.

GOOD POINT THO: The data analysis about mining was very nice.


I really hope that these Interbus credits for more ship and structure customization aren’t the “huge and super amazing gameplay” thing that justifies the higher sub price.



Well not having to dump corp for faction warfare is the best thing for me so far


Just wait till they announce EVE-O Mobile Edition :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

No no, they have the CSM, works wonders having the CSM.
Figure 1: CSM success


I’m starting to think that CCP don’t understand what the phrase “biggest announcement ever” means …


“we’re actually going to focus on FW for a while and not just band aid patch it to never iterate on again” sounds like a big announcement to me.

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The Keynote is a Bust nothing worthwhile, so sad :sob:


Well that was a disappointing use of a nearly 2 hour long keynote, nothing interesting announced and no new content, cool you’re improving the graphics and the NPE, i’ve been here 18 years, explain how either of these matter to me lol


Do not tell me CCP, show me.


There’s the new story arc, FW is getting some love, and some smaller stuff (like heraldry). Don’t get me wrong, I most definitely think they came up short, but let’s at least give them credit for the good stuff that they did announce.


They didn’t announce actual proposed changes / content though. They announced an announcement that changes will be coming at some point maybe.


Why would i give a ■■■■ about fluff content in a game entirely focussed on people shooting each other?

None of that matters


They might as well sold an NFT of the future changes when at it. :upside_down_face:


This feels to me like a cosmetic improvement, while they wait to see how many subs they lose after the new slug. Nothing whatsoever on multi-accounts discounts. NOTHING. Sadly I worry that Eve online is about to join Elite Dangerous on the slippery slope to maintenance mode. Where is the ‘massive new content’? pretty pictures? Really, is that it?

I love this game but this was not the plan for rejuvination I was hoping for.


Technically there’s nothing wrong with scripted content… If it’s done nicely. And if it is not like Abyssal space. Like if you could subterfuge a new ship’s development and steal the data for an opposing faction and the likes. Not like the past CCP “meaningful impact events” where CCP blatantly said that your impact is irrelevant because the outcomes are set in stone.
If I could help the Angels or Serpentis with operations (due to my corp’s history), I would be somewhat intrigued. But not even that seems to be on the foreseeable horizon.

I don’t see this here in this keynote. Aurora even relativized her talking point about that by saying “at least not for time” when she talked about how we influence these arcs.