Your Prediction: Keynote, boom or bust?

Seems like recent keynotes at Vegas and Fanfest have been lackluster for many players.

Will we finally find out about exciting content for other than NS power blocks? Or will it be raw-raw and VR?

I expect we’ll hear something about player built stargates - they can’t remove POS until they have a replacement for jump bridges so that has to be a priority for new development. That is likely to be exclusively a sovereign nullsec feature.

I’ll be disappointed if we don’t get a commitment to finish module tiercide and get player built meta modules in the game - it’s been at least 2 years, time to get it done.

Otherwise, I’ll be happy if they focus on incremental improvements to features already in the game - there are a lot of rough edges.

There’ll probably just be stuff about VR, more skins, the new ‘‘expansion’’ and info on how you can pay CCP for stuff you didn’t ask for / want in the first place


Probably offer Las Vegas Wizard Hats to all attendees …or considering the new video, EVE paddles?


Now that the keynote has aired I’m going to rate it a Boom.

Big expansion to Alpha program, moon mining coming to WH’s and some HS, updates to citadels, a great Lifeblood trailer.

But most importantly I detected a humbleness and commitment from CCP that they finally realize they need to do a better job of listening to, and acting on, player feedback.

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Isn’t VR already bunked to be a gimick?
Can’t wait to constantly keep upgrading that gadget tech beside my monitor and pc hardware.
Could be something more if it didn’t have all the side effects it comes with on your head.
Also I find it intersting overal how much ccp is into skins and whole package, if you took away all the skins of the game it’s not like the game is less fun to play, which means it doesn’t add anything other than a cosmetic.
I predict more bust than boom

Project Aurora looks like its not for current EVE players. I cant understand why someone currently playing EVE would play poor version of EVE that is not on Tranquility. It looks rather as additional microtransaction heavy mobile game for additional revenue. The rest was ok, paying Omega for your first 20,5M SP of additional skillset for all race ships, and that it will stay and battleships skills included, hmmmm that will be something what many people will take advantage of.

I can’t wait to see how the changes to Alpha clones will be received. I’ve heard hushed doomsday whispers about the fact that they can now fly battleships, but nothing compared to when Alpha clones were first announced. Here’s hoping this change can make new players stay, and hopefully bring in (and back) more pilots into the fray that is New Eden :smiley:

Other than that I loved the changes announced for Citadels, and moon mining in WH space and (some) HS systems.

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Alpha Tornadoes.



As a former player who only came back because of alpha. I support this.
May have to save isk and stop plexing for a bit to try out new alphas.
They need to admit they were wrong to race lock alphas and they need to admit the alphas train at half speed and omega trains at normal speed.
Saying omegas trains at 2x speed was an outright lie and everyone knows it. Old trial accounts had normal training speed like omegas.
They should be more worried about limiting alts than worrying about alphas.

I don’t trust CCP not to mess up and manipulate the Plex market like they did with microplex before I called them out on it and the prices dropped.

Don’t care about key notes though since they ■■■■■■ over all the loyal dust 514 players s few years back.
And I doubt CCP will finish redesigning 250 ships before the game shuts down or redesign walking in station and implement it correctly.

All they do is waste time on AI sites that 99% of people will never see, palette swap skins, and new citadels. That’s pretty much it.

Edit: forgot about that dumpster fire they call the agency.

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Oh wow. This is going to be interesting.

Where are you getting announcements from? Is this just rumors?

I didn’t pay too much attention as I was cooking with the live stream in the background, but I caught some of it. You can check it out this reddit post.

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Now i can bump without subbing.

Eve Vegas Keynote. The Keynote starts roughly 2 hours into the stream. CCP Rise presentation on Alpha states is 2 hours and 25 minutes in.

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Lol what there’s game now?

Ccp shouldn’t you finish dust 514 before you start a new game again.
Guys never even finished adding all racial guns and tanks into dust before they started nova then they did Valkyrie before they even confirmed Nova would be finished and moved it to gimmick vr and no one even plays it and then whatever gunjack is and now a mobile game?

No wonder they never get anything done in a timely manner. 90% of the staff is working on other projects.
Might as well hire me, fly me to Iceland, and teach me to code and I’ll still finish all of the half baked eve stuff before a single side project sees the light of day.


EVE Keynote was pretty solid for the most part alto of it was stuff we have known for a while now but the Alpha stuff was way further than i thought they would have gone.

The CCP presents however, was a few minutes of hey here’s how we have been, project nova is still a thing and here’s half an hour on a mobile game.
was not amused >_>

Nova was mentioned in the presentation. I believe they said it’s at a working stage on their development servers and they will announce more (not sure when). Good to hear since I would have bet they were going to cancel it.

It’s not made by them. A player made it. He had a thread open about it some time ago.

Do you ever not bitch? Are you Rivr’s alt? We already caught you talking to yourself, once, and damn, you sound just like him.

never heard of him and ill stop bitching if ccp stops screwing up constantly.

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