EVE Vegas was pitiful and makes me feel this game has no future

The keynote speech for EVE Vegas was something I feel many of us were hoping CCP would finally announce something we could all look forward too. Instead, we’re basically getting an array of balance changes (some which are very questionable, such as nerfing the Ishkur) and a vague promise for future plans that can’t be revealed yet.

I don’t know how you all feel, but none of what CCP showed us did any good for dispelling the notion that EVE is being placed into maintenance mode. They have no ideas for new content, nor did they address some major issues which have pushed the game to the state it is in now (i.e., citadels). Performance balance passes are not new content. Releasing the triangle people dread is not going to save this game either.

I’ve played EVE on- and off- since 2011. I’m not going to say this game is dead, because there will always be a hardcore playerbase that persists. However, I am accepting the fact that this game is likely never to approach the growth levels it has in the past. Right now it feels like EVE is being placed on life support, meanwhile Elite is only getting better and Star Citizen is starting to slowly come together after years of being a tech demo.

CCP, just give us hope and something to look forward too. That EVE Vegas keynote was ■■■■■■■ terrible, and if that is all you can give us, I imagine 2020 is going to be yet another year of decline for this amazing game.


But you’ll get some skins on Christmas.


Yeah, it was depressing but hey, Eve Vegas is not really an Official Eve Online Fan Fest so can’t really expect too much from it.

As for CCP announcing new stuff, guess that’ll be a surprise when it happens, or I should say if it happens.

Until then, it’s all just Chaos.


How many things has CCP announced but never followed through on? Does anyone have a rough idea?


I feel discouraged. I may have picked a terrible time to come back to the game. When I left in 2013/14, things kind of sucked, yeah, but never did I feel like the game was in danger of collapse.

Fast forward to 2019, everything has been changed, nothing is better, the PVP focus is gone, and I just… I don’t want to play the whole “EVE is Dying” game but I’m depressed. Even when I wasn’t playing EVE I always was happy to know a game like it existed. MMORPGs as a whole are so boring and samey and lame, and EVE added a little spice to the genre just by taking such a different path.

I always used to make jokes about CCP’s failures but the idea that CCP may genuinely not actually give two shits about this game is grim.


Well, if you believe what they say on Reddit then CCP is filled with lying bastards, but I take everything there with a grain of salt; r/Eve looks really damn toxic to me. I’m adopting a skeptical “wait and see” approach for all of this, because even though I love the game and how involved CCP is with the community, what I’ve seen and read about the game lately has gotten some raised eyebrows out of me.

And that sucks. I spent what look like the golden years of MMOs struggling through college and my goddamn psychological issues, but now when I might finally have unfucked my life it looks like they’re all dying or turning into pay-to-win abominations. It’s depressing.


It was started by players, but years ago CCP looked at the growth, and took it over. It IS an official CCP gathering, it just can’t have access to as many developers as they press into weekend service, when it is held in Iceland.

I was excited by the release cadence planned for future balance tweaks.

That said, I don’t understand why continued module iteration Tier-a-cide isn’t being included. This would fit perfectly under “fix the stupid” NPE help.

The fact some modules are aligned with Roles but others are still balanced by power levels and rarity adds to the confusing mess we have to explain to new players, if the NPE tutorials don’t. “Light missile launchers have role variation, but for every other Tech 1 missile launcher, Meta 4 is the best. Stop looking for Meta 4 LML’s, they don’t exist anymore.”


What’s weird is that finishing tiericide ought to be easy! It literally involves changing the numbers and maybe the names in module DB entries then adjusting the drop rates for everything.

Hell, while they’re at it maybe they could adjust meta modules to not be inherently better than T1 modules and just something used to min-max a fit. As it stands, any meta module is clearly better than the T1 variant because there’s no trade-offs for their better stats.





They told you EXACTLY why Teiricide isn’t happening. It’s because they can’t make money off it.

They’re focusing their attention on additions to the game that are more “impactful”, which in CCP’s point of view, just refers to number of active subscribers and more money. Correcting a database of worthless modules doesn’t make more money. Adding some fancy new Halloween skin does.


The fact that CCP did fix a big list “of stupid,” says they are trying to do both.


Positive press and user feedback on the forums, reddit, other media outlets makes more money than the garbage they have been pushing for the last few years. Satisfied or at least less negative players make more money than the garbage CCP has been pushing in the last few years. Fewer “Is it a good time to start EVE” or “Why are EVE players so toxic” or “Why is everyone so negative” posts make more money than the garbage that CCP has been pushing for years.

unrelated sidenote: The time stamp for my post says I posted this 1 hour ago when I posted it actually only 2 minutes ago. So, fewer bugs in EVE would create more satisfied users that in term creates more playing people and more revenue. But since CCP can’t even keep their forum bug free it bodes not well for the game itself. How hard is it to have automatic summer time change enabled?


EVE Players: CCPlease! We NEED something to look forward to!
CCP: Stuff™ will be done Soon™ but we won’t tell you until we feel like it, if anytime.
EVE Players: whiskey tango foxtrot!?!?
EVE Bittervets: hold my 99th beer.

EVE development 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020:


The problem I have with the stuff presented … it’s all cheap low effort things only. The mystery what all the devs at CCP are actually doing is not resolved …

… if they work on refactoring or authoring tools, which would be totally reasonable, why not mention it? Why instead trying to sell small database tweaks as latest and greatest ■■■■?


I think CCP is concentrating on getting that extra bonus pay from PA without investing a lot of time, effort and money.


Changes to EVE can be made quickly.

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You mean low effort blackout or broken sleepers invasion?

Changes to game can be do quickly but not if game is in CCP hands.

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The time difference is because of the Daylight “savings” change of the clock.

My computer’s clock is off by 7 minutes.
When I make a post, it says I posted 8 minutes ago.


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I really thought they had been keeping something big secret for the winter expansion. I’m really surprised and feel a bit sorry for the people that took the trip there.

There is a bunch of small stuff they could of done to atleast pad it out. but i cant even be ■■■■■■ to list it after that show.


Edit: as a dev said the highlight was plastic models…