Keynote Speculation

Speculate here as to this year’s big FF announcement

-NPE overhaul (again)
-more f2p (again)
-new toons can roll as pirate factions

-jove space opening
-new CCP game announced

-the new game will be EVE2

Player created stargates.

New ship, the Praxis.

Firing CCP employees on stage.


I would like to take this moment to inform the younger of us ( and remind the Vets) of the likelihood of
In order

#1 Awesome flashy life changing promises of all your hopes and dreams.
Never going to happen

#2 Awesome flashy life changing promises of all your hopes and dreams With concept art
Might get a dev blog out in six months about why half the community lost their minds so they’re not going to do it.

#3 Awesome flashy life changing promises of all your hopes and dreams with concept art and accompanying devblog
You might see this on sisi some day

#4 Awesome flashy life changing promises of all your hopes and dreams, accompanying devblog, concept art, road map and some very much worried sounding CSM members
Actually be on sisi in like six months
May not see it on tq.

#5 is on sisi now and everyone hates it
This will be coming.


don’t forget #5.5 - Some loudly berate those who are even the slightest bit hesitant to immediately and wholeheartedly embrace the hype (yet again) as being disgustingly resistant to any change or some such…

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Yeah this usually means its coming,
And its really crap,
like the buddy list , first space brackets
or the gong.


she comes out

“hey guys” in a nice friendly deceitful smile.
we all say hi back.
she then goes… we’re sorry new eden has faced some past troubles in the last week as we push toward the future in eve online…yada yada… yada…



-A new AI NPC can kick everyone’s ass.

-Graph Pr0n that can make PornHub/Insight proud.

-Another cringe song by Permaband.



-A new mobile game I bet.


-PROJECT NOVA!!!111!!1!!

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Sure. It seems its the guaranteed point in presentations somewhere.

I would say its highly improbable if CCP have a bit of brains. They need to finish what they started first. :joy:

They used to give employees swords as rewards for long time service, instead they could give them publicly some stinky hakarl as “get out” ticket? They are vikings after all, so I would say its probable. :thinking:

Whatever the “big” announcement is this time, I’m sure that (as usual) I’ll be mostly underwhelmed.

Trinty was the last time I was legitimately thrilled about an announcement.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Well the praxis is going to happen but thats already been confirmed ingame so thats not really a bet, stargates will take years its on the long term roadmap and you know 3 won’t happen :stuck_out_tongue:

Lot’s of: “we are super exited…” from the stage


new big feature CSM talked about last summit and their concerns about how much devs were dedicated to it, propablly triglavians addon.

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The great news will be: Eve is dying

More stuff that makes certain pve players complain.

More stuff that makes certain PvP players complain.

More stuff that makes players say eve is dead.

Nerfs to your play style

semi serious:
New “space” with localized environmental effects (toxic clouds, etc) + new mats + new NPC. Will require new “structure” to enter. :tinfoil:

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this absolutely worth emphasising

I suppose it’s a balance between adjusting game-play and stagnation.
Improving one form of game-play frequently results in some other game-play being less effective.

I prefer game-play being adjusted over time instead of the same old thing all the time.
I actually enjoyed it when various ships and weapon systems had their day in the sun.

there are no panels about that subjects so I hope we’ll never have to talk about this crap again. Both things failed IMO, I think CCP learned the lessons and focus on other things.

There will be @CCP Burger on the keynote and few other panels, dev responsible for triglavians, so I presume this fanfest will be about them. I hope this will be good. I had a mixed feelings when then introduced drifters and have no clue what to do with them next.

I’d like to get rid of all Cargo Scanners - let the attacking ship face the prospect that it may have been all for an empty hull…

They do, loot fairy is a fickle mistress

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The shutdown of TQ will be announced. Simple.

Hit percentage will now appear on the top of the ship you are in combat with. If you have incorrect angular velocity or transversal the game will also yell at you and tell you what you are doing wrong.