Your fanfest wish list

What would you like to see at Fanfest?

For me it:

Angel Cartel capital and super
Revamps of some ships that look a bit dated. Armageddon, Thanny, Atron…
A new BIG feature like incursion, Trig, Wormholes
Revamp of PI to make it less hassle. Maybe preloaded planet setups or something.
A new CGI trailer thing.
Maybe a long-term feature. Player made Wh stabilisation gates or something (insert another wild idea here).

cyber punk hot goth chicks :heart:


No more crazy ‘dreams we’ll accomplish in 7 years at the expense of continuing to ignore 90% of the game’s foundation.’ No more ‘Null wants this so everyone else gets shafted.’ No more instancing. At this point, the LESS CCP does, it’s probably gonna be for the better.

If they want to change that impression, then they should start with continuing tiericide and regular ship balance checks to keep things in order/balanced and re-vamp some of the core of the gameplay in FW, missions, and mining that promote some of the problematic behaviors because the code was laid down in 2005. Or just toss in some new standard ships to fill out some of the smaller classes. Simple, easy things that even they’d struggle to break. Unlike T3D’s.

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Have one in Tampa, FL.

Just kidding. But Orlando would be good. But NOT IN SUMMER.

tech three battleships!

Women. Not employees. Just regular women that like internet spaceships.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

They exist, but oh how rare. If the ladies only knew the power they could wield in this game and then, as a result, in the real world.

“Hi, I’m Mary, and I play Eve Online.”
“MARY ME!!! Make me write bad checks! ANYTHING!!!”

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Damaged ships with flames! CCP said this last fanfest.

Heads that can wear hats and have hair!!

Is this too much to ask from CCP?

“Asteroid Depleted” voice message back.

Not a wish, but there may be new game announcement from CCP Games.

Maybe, maybe not.

  • Moon PSI (Planetary Satellite Interaction)

  • Primae excelling in its role (above)

  • Renaming of the “Logistics” class to “Support” class, “Stanchion” class or even “Buttress” class. Basically anything other than stealing the role of Haulers.

  • Cleverly occluded story-line confirmations.

CCP Hilmar getting boo’d by the eve players in attendance if he takes to the stage to try and spin any grandeur about the current state of the game other than apologising for the terrible decisions, lack of content and direction of the game, and plugging the shameless Korean cash grab these numerous last few years have seen.


Is fanfest only focused on EVE Online?

Because I’d like to see some announcement like “We’re returning Dust514 and cross-platform”.

imagine if they pay some real programers to port it to unity or something , cult game , running on any platform , IMO its a cheap way to make some money and please the fans

Weren’t they the real programmers? The studio is basically the same

im saying that there is real programers that specialising in doing ports
and taking a shot at ccp at the same time
you have to read between the lines man

Something to justify price increases

Well, wasn’t linking a PS3 server to a PC one a porting?

i don’t know
the online part would have to be totally changed , take out eve interactions etc
i was thinking more about making a multi platform version
there is a guy on youtube that re wrote Mario 64 entire code lol
give 100k dollars a year to a hacker type dude and let him work
its like sonic , some bloke made a better version of sonic mobile/steam etc and sega made it the oficial one