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I agree. I mean, the animation improvement for Gate-jumping was nice for like, five minutes back in the day, but how is a 33% sub increase worth what they offered, especially as it was mostly just stuff the player base had been asking for, for literally years?

Pretty pictures…a rented NFT.


It was a joke and not one thing justified the price hike.
If you got content in pipe at least tease it some not. play to find out if you get new content or not. Go F yourself CCP.


There was no big round of applause and cheering in the room this year. If you don’t like Twitch chat’s response to this Keynote, the silence and lack of audible enthusiasm in the main venue is telling enough.



It just doesn’t even make sense… Like, a month ago, obviously they knew they had no new content. So, the rational thing to do would have been to try to argue that the existing game was worth the price hike. Instead, they argued, openly, that the game would only be worth the new price to us once we saw the “largest content update ever” that they would drop at Fanfest… Why would they do that, knowing they have zero things? It makes no sense. Why bet all your standing with the community on a bet you know 100% for sure you are going to lose?

I wouldn’t say it was as bad as a bust. But it was certainly underwhelming.

To spend almost a whole hour on the new player experience and connected topics when addressing people who are not new players seems like they pitched it wrong. I get talking about that stuff if the biggest issue the room had was getting new players. But our concerns are about the game as a whole.

Similarly………why is every speaker having to go through the motions of pulling out the holiday photos before actually talking about the game. I feel like that whole keynote could have been condensed down to 20 minutes as most of it just felt like filler.

I think it would have been a perfectly adequate keynote had the whole price debacle not happened. We literally have the whole “wait for fanfest” thing like it would change everything and what we have gotten is table stakes stuff.

I do think there is stuff to be excited about though. The faction warfare stuff looks fun. I have never done it because i never wanted to switch corp. So this will get me into low sec to pew pew and play around. And I’m sure I’m not alone with that.

I was also really intrigued by the throwaway comment about an expansion dropping Q4. Why that hasn’t been expanded upon in front a captive audience i don’t know.

I also kinda like where the NPE stuff is potentially taking missions and it looks like generally they will be getting the overhaul they need but its a way off.

And this whole Arc thing. Seems like the current event is tied to that and “something” is going to happen as a result of what we do during it. Kinda sceptical given the Trig invasion and new gates were all a forgone conclusion. But if we actually do have agency in causing or stopping something then thats cool.

But as ever it seems to be “trust us” and while that would have worked 2 years ago……the whole trust as capital thing ……well they spent it all. Account closed so to speak.

In the context of where we are, today was a let down


Oh its the same its just a timer for that content, very clearly indicated by aurora commenting that things would still happen eventually, we will just be deciding which part comes first through some vague event crap most people don’t care about

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Grindbears being mad that after years of nerfs to them (which should come as a hint) they’re not getting any buffs.

Why would you expect any magical Jesus features that will satisfy (lol) bitter and salty old grind bear vets who played for over a decade to suddenly be invigorated and all giddy again, those features don’t exist. They’re doing what they’re doing, plodding on and being raged at regardless of the choices they make. Improving the influx of players and, mostly, ignoring the raging salt whiners and chronic crybabies.


Well starting at 0 on a graph and they had to reach 100 to succeed, they never left 0…


That was me, under a different Twitch name but there might have been a thousand other people saying the same thing.

It was a disaster. Concept Art & Work In Progress, no release dates, no roadmap… I unsubbed and will stay unsubbed. I’m sad but happy I can leave this all behind me, I actually needed that final nail in the coffin.

But eventually isn’t today. I mean she also clearly said that if the designed a ship it may not make it into the game at that point depending on player actions.

The issue in my mind therefore is………If they want us to fight for something and be invested……we kinda need to know what we are fighting for.

And if the stakes are a new ship in game then its going to be weird because even if i was a hardcore Amarr Rp’er and loved my empire and based my eve life around being Amarr. I’d turn on them in a second if it meant a new blingy ship.

I’m not sure its going to work as intended.



This thread is about did CCP do everything the 0.5% of the playerbase that post in the EVE-O GD demand or do you love PA and want to have their babies. No room for thoughtful discourse.


Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


@CCP_Burger @CCP_Swift @CCP_Rattati

Note that this is constructive feedback!!!

Okay, so there was some good stuff in there, and there was going to be plenty of players that were disappointed regardless, but I don’t think you did yourself any favors with how you structured the Keynote. I don’t know if you guys paid attention to twitch chat, but you could see the growing pessimism and frustration as you guys talked about newbro stuff. Don’t get me wrong, I agree that new player acquisition is extremely important in a PvP focused MMO. But the simple fact of the matter is that many players are much more interested in changes that directly benefit them. So, leading off with stuff that most players don’t care about when player morale is low, a lot of people are pissed about the price hike, and players are expecting the biggest announcement evar is starting things off on a seriously bad foot. Psychological research suggests that mood can affect perception… and you guys began by putting players in a bad mood.

Needless to say, I think you should have started with the more exciting stuff. Get your audience in a good mood in order to help your announcements (including the smaller and less exciting stuff) to be viewed as favorably as possible. In fact, you might have been better off by talking more about the exciting stuff now (i.e. FW changes and story arcs), and pushed the newbro related stuff to a different presentation.

Also, I don’t know if you guys have a PR guy, but you might want to think about hiring one.


See this is just a nonsense comment. There are undoubtedly positives from the presentation.

Not good enough does not equal worthless.

Sure you are entitled to your opinion but dialogue between players and CCP isn’t going to improve until BOTH sides start growing up and having an honest conversation.

We have CCP proclaiming the “biggest announcement ever.” And players proclaiming that “they never left 0”. Both statements are absolute bollocks.

There was good stuff in that presentation and pretending there wasn’t doesn’t do anyone any good.

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To be honest the updates were less about content and fixes and more about graphics, it was not what was promised to the lead up to fanfest


Indeed it wasn’t. But that doesn’t mean that there were not good things in it.

Exaggerating how bad it was is counter productive. CCP will just dismiss that as trolling and not take it seriously.

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So that was all?

Or there will be some announcements?

No idea but i like the new graphics. But overal i was bitterly disappointed. Im a null slash wh player. No new missions no new ships :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive:


Don’t get stuck in a sunken cost fallacy.

The only legitimate response to this keynote is to unsub and uninstall.

They obviously don’t care.


I don’t think much of CCP’s notion of improving the NPE. I created a new account a month or so ago and the NPE was considerably longer than the one I had back in September last year. Which might sound good and more explanatory…but in fact it just became annoying. It is so much ‘on a rail’ that it’s just ’ see that button there…press that one '…and not allowing you to do anything else you might want to try or alternatives you may already have learned during the NPE. For example the Overview in the new NPE is restricted functionality to prevent you doing anything other than the ‘press THAT button’ option.


Sadly you are right. Playing this game more than 10 years, waited the last 3 years, hoped that in this fanfest CCP will finally show some vision, some roadmap or anything about where EVE is going. And we got nothing. Not even any new gameplay element. Nothing about anything… At least they could announce WiS or something, if they have no idea about the future or what they want to do with EVE… Time to manufacture my minerals and clear my hangars, then go to a deep sleep in EVE, and waiting for better times…

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