Ratting Sites Respawn Time Nerf

Why no1 complains about this issue?
I am quite a new player,I got my thanny for ratting in null-sec but hey if there are even 2 more people ratting in the same system,we cant find more suitable sites to rat after 2 sites lol.
So this nerf was made for to prevent botting? I dont think so cuz the market prices still rising…
I even dont want to login after this change and seeing no complaint from the community makes me believe either big corps do not care about this or everyone is mining.
I want to remind you that game needs new players and such kind of actions and nerfs do not help.

I think I found the problem.


they made a nerf and the problem is me huh? wonderful…

The problem, as CCP mentioned previously, is the too large amount of bounties introduced into the game by Carrier/Super Ratters.

This is a direct nerf to that and is exactly what CCP wants.
Less isk in the game.

I have heard about these high bounties in null, but I I never ratted there. What kind of isk we talking about? What’s about average per site?

Great, then can we revert the nerf CCP made a while back to carrier PvP because of bounties paid out in PvE? I said back then to nerf the economy, not the ships, but CCP didn’t listen. It seems that now they have. So can we revert the nerf to PvP?


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